Wardog Fury Campaign Now Available for Raiders of the Broken Planet

Wardog Fury News

The second premium campaign for Raiders of the Broken Planet, Wardog Fury, is now available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Much like the first, it’s available for 9.99, and contains four new epic story missions, all playable in single-player, 4 player co-op, or the 4v1 Antagonist Mode. In this story, the Raiders will face the deranged General Marmalade and his Umbra Wardogs faction. General Marmalade conducts Aleph experiments on himself and his units, creating mutants that are as grotesque as they are deadly. Wardog Fury players will exclusively be able to recruit one of Marmalade’s rogue experiments, Loaht, in the first mission.

Another change is coming to the game as well, and now players can unlock missions from Wardog Fury and Alien Myths using gold, the currency from completing in-game objectives. All players can invest their gold rewards into unlocking mission they still don’t own for four hours. Players can also be invited into missions that they don’t ownand both players will reeive a reward in Mercury Points or Gold. Other aspects of the game’s economy have also been rebalanced, giving more relevance to Faction and Character points and the possibility of converting Mercury Points into Gold allowing more freedom to the players to unlock new characters and building weapon Blueprints. The final major change is now Antagonists will receive a reward for their efforts, even if they don’t win, as even the best Antagonist player can have a hard time playing against four other players.

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