Warlander Announces a Delay Until 2020


Clock Drive Games announced today that Warlander, their upcoming sword-fighting dark fantasy title will be delayed until early 2020. This title has had some changes in the development phases based on internal testing, and will still be coming to PS4, PC and Xbox One. It was originally scheduled for Q3 2019 but will see a minor delay in the name of making the game as good as it can possibly be. People can keep up with updates on their game on Facebook.

“We’re thrilled with the stages of development Warlander has reached and deep internal testing
has allowed us to make improvements to the game,” said Goran Rajsic, creative director for
Clock Drive Games. “We’re working on revamping the game’s fighting mechanics from a faster
arcade-like style to slower, more tactical slashing maneuvers. We want players to act as wise
warriors, tactically approaching their enemies, looking for the opportunity to strike them with the
killing blow!”

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