Warrior Epic Interview

Questions by Brian Perry Jr., Onrpg Editor 
Answered by Brice Lucas, Community Manager for the upcoming title Warrior Epic.

OnRPG: How are you making a game that is playable in single or multi-player completely free to play?
It’s all thanks to an advanced alien technology we found while exploring the deepest part of the Amazon. If it wasn’t for that, playing this game would cost like 400 bucks an hour.

OnRPG: Will players be able to play the same character single and multi-player?
Yes. Players will be able to develop the same warriors and Hall while playing either solo or multi-player.

OnRPG: On the website you list 4 different types of warriors. Can you elaborate on what each one does?
The Pit Fighter loves a good fight. They are melee warriors with high strength, high health and no fear. They prefer to swing first and swing often, rather than wear armor that limits their motions. There is no honor in the pit, so a Pit Fighter is full of dirty tricks and sneak attacks.

The Devotress is a highly skilled female warrior. Intense discipline and study has made them masters of the blade. Their attacks are quick and precise, and they shun the use of bulky equipment. The Devotress can also use limited magic, centered on helping their party focus in battle.

The Arcurus is a ranged fighter with a wide array damage types and effects. He is very robust in dealing with enemies of different resistances. Unlike archers in other RPGs, the Arcurus welcomes hand-to-hand combat with a sharp blade he keeps at his hip.

The Soul Harvester is a dangerous caster who damages the minds and souls of those who cross her. She can confuse her enemies, and even turn them against each other. If she encounters foes that are immune to her spells, she can play a support role by buffing the party.
These are just four of MANY different warrior classes that will be playable in Warrior Epic.

OnRPG: What can players expect to see from new warriors as they are introduced, and how will you be planning their abilities?
Players can expect some insane and cool warrior classes. We will be creating playable classes the likes of which have never been seen before. Worm-men, gazers, half-demons, the sky is the limit. We will definitely be interested to hear some player suggestions about what types of warriors they want to see in Warrior Epic. Every class will be fully featured with its own skill trees, equipment, the whole package. Since players will develop multiple warriors at once, we do not need 100 hours of content for each class. That opens a lot of doors and allows us to do much more with our warrior classes.

OnRPG: Do you feel that those who do not choose to purchase the additional content will still be competitive with those that do?
Our paid items are largely about convenience and appearance. There will be no unbalancing items for sale. In other words, if you want to be the strongest player, you have to get out there and crush some skulls. If you do not want to pay, you will still want to play our game.

OnRPG: Are you concerned about people trying to hack the game for either single player or online play?
One part of hacking is about price point. Our game is free, and the paid stuff is not essential to experiencing satisfying game play. In addition to that consideration, we have taken steps to prevent hackers from being able to play with the general population. Anybody who attempts to hack will be excluded from the community and new content releases.

OnRPG: Will there be any sort of leader boards showing the top warriors in various categories on the website?
Over time, we plan to do this and more. A player’s hall, achievements, PvP prestige, an rank will all be displayed. Leader boards will be accessible on the Warrior Epic website as well.

OnRPG: How will you approach the subject of replay value?
All of our adventures have randomly generated elements, which will keep things fresh even if you are helping a friend through a quest that you have already completed. Our development team will also be working hard to bring brand new content into the game on a monthly basis. Content updates will contain new quests, warrior classes, monsters, weapons, appearance items, and much more.

OnRPG: Will the game be lobby-based or will players be able to meet up in towns to go adventuring?
Warrior Epic is a lobby-based game. This type of interface is the best way to quickly connect friends and teams and have them in the action within minutes of starting the game.

OnRPG: What single feature are you most proud of, and why?
Warrior Epic is an uncompromising free game, which I feel is an original concept. We have not cut any corners, and the end result is something that is incredibly fun to play. The production value of Warrior Epic is higher than anything else that is available in the F2P market.

OnRPG: When can players sign up for the beta?
We will be releasing a Closed Beta very, very soon. Anyone who is interested should register at www.warriorepic.com. Be sure to leave a valid email so we can invite you into the program.

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