WarRock rocks!

WarRock is a well-made FPS game. A few glitches make it sometimes frustrating, but since it is only a beta version, it will be superb when it is released fully.

There are three gametypes you can choose from when you play. Explosive Missions, Infantry Combat and Vehicle Combat.
Missions are where one team has to plant bombs in various areas and the other has to stop them. It is a small map.
Infantry Combat is a type where there are few vehicles on a medium to large map. It’s good to come to when you’ve gotten bored of missions because when you die, you will respawn in a 10 second interval.
Vehicle Combat’s maps are large, and, yep you guessed it, there are loads of vehicles, ranging from aeroplanes and helicopters to tanks and motorbikes.

Ever wanted a little more respect when you do things? WarRock has over 120 lvls you can upgrade to, and every lvl has a small shield, which sits next to your name. When you finish a game, you will receive experience, which is turned into percentage. Every time you reach 100%, you gain a lvl.

The guns aren’t all the same either. When you complete a game you will also receive Dinar (the in-game currency), and the better you played the more Dinar and exp you will get.

In conclusion, WarRock is a great game, with a few niggling glitches that should be ironed out when it launches its full version. Best of all, it’s free!

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