Wheel of Fate Announced for Steam

Wheel of Fate news

UDX Interactive has a new title on the way with a bold goal in mind. Wheel of Fate is their newest artificial intelligence single-player RPG for PC. Each player’s destiny is uniquely determined by their choices, and by spinning the Wheel. Miles Homles (Mass Effect 2) is the designer for this turn-based game, and it uses A.I. to explore thousands of possibilities for a player’s journey. A lone adventurer awakens the mythical Wheel of Fate, in the world of Providence. This brings the army of Fateless back with it, and they must, of course, be dealt with. Players will defend Kismet’s Falls as the region’s protector from the sieges of the Fateless. The Active Response Battle system will be how players work against this threat. Wheel of Fate’s Kickstarter will begin on September 9th, 2019. More information can be found here.

MIles Homles, Lead Designer discussed Wheel of Fate further:

“With Wheel of Fate, we took a massive leap that RPG’s never do and that’s to incorporate
machine learning to continuously explore thousands of possibilities and create new story arcs. Our team implemented machine learning to analyze each player’s moves, skills, choices, weapons, items, and more and be able to come up with ways to either support that into the story or even combat it. It’s really an unprecedented approach.”

A full list of features includes:

● Artificial Intelligence Wheel adapting the world to player choices
● Strategic turn-based combat with initiative turn system
● Active Response Battle system allows for engaging turn-based combat that keeps
players on their toes
● Procedural Dungeons that adapt to the wheel spins
● Build and customize homes in the lore-rich region of Kismet’s Fall
● Manage and defend Kismet’s Fall as the protector, upgrade buildings and prepare for
● Rich story that ties actions to the outcomes of fate
● Craft items, weapons, and armor to head into battle
● Billions of gear combinations to build a character in any way

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