Why Should I Pay For My MMOs?

Why Should I Pay For My MMOs?
By Mohammad Abubakr, (Abubakr) OnRPG Writer


Most users on OnRPG play Free to Play (F2P) Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games. Many users requesting a game in our request section point out that a game should be free, if they would play it. MMO players often think “Why should I pay for my games, when I can play them for free?” Sure, you can find many quality games that are free, but we all know they come with item shops. Still, there are many great games with a monthly fee, the Pay to Play (P2P) games!


Paying to Play

Pay to Play games require you to buy the game, and pay a monthly fee. This can sound like quite a sum when added up. These games are usually more enjoyable than F2P games. They often present a higher quality gameplay and are more finished at the start. P2P games usually offer a better community and customer support as well. The companies will be very likely to help you out, as you are paying them after all. Even if you are not a subscriber they will respond nicely, hoping to get you to buy the game. It is not just because the company wants your money, but you are also expecting good support from them because you are a valuable customer. The gaming companies will try their best to help you out with your problems in the game.


Lord of the Rings Online

Lord of the Rings Online


Another factor which determines if the game is worth playing or not is the community. Although, games like World of Warcraft do not have the greatest community, there are many P2P games (such as Lord of the Rings Online) which have a great community. The players will help you out, give you advice, and will respect your opinion. Some players might also be willing to run you through dungeons or help out with quests you are stuck on. P2P games also have less gold sellers. Although you will see some, the GMs will quickly take care of them.


People often complain about the ‘10 year old noobs’ ruining their game. You will not see many of these kids playing P2P games because:
1. They do not have money to pay the monthly fee. (Unless parents pay for them.)
2. Most P2P games are not aimed toward children.


There still are noobs ruining the community on some games but the community is better overall.


Balancing the Cash

Also, when people play F2P games, they complain about an over-powered cash shop. Players who use the cash shop in some games gain a clear advantage over the free players. This results in many people complaining about the cash shop items, but usually nothing is changed. The F2P game publishers need to make some profit. Most of this profit is made through the cash shop. These situations are found to be unfair because some people simply have more to spend than others.


If you play a P2P game you will not have to worry about another player having over-powered items just because he spent more money on the game. Since everyone is already paying a monthly fee, the publisher is making a nice profit to keep the game running. This means a cash shop is not needed. Some P2P MMOs still have a cash-shop, but it barely influences anything in the game and is only meant for luxuries.


The Investment

Best of all, you will usually enjoy a P2P game more than an F2P game. The publishers usually have a larger budget than most F2P game publishers. Since there is more money to spend on the game, your suggestions will be considered and the game will be updated more often. Please keep in mind that some F2P games are starting to make a lot more money than some P2P games!


The publishers will spend a lot of money during development to bring you a quality game. This means that the game will feature exclusive features, good graphics (does not have to be realistic, could be a unique art style) and bug-free gameplay.


When playing P2P games, gamers will consider their remaining game-time (the amount of time you have left to play the game). After the time runs out (usually 30 days) you can buy more gametime or stop playing. In this setup players aim to get things done on time, and in a good fashion. While in F2P games, there are no obligations to the player because they are not paying a dime.


Aion Online

Quality Graphics of P2P Games


Quality Matters

Pay to Play games generally lack Engrish. The game developers have a lot more money than most F2P game developers, so they can properly write out the quests, NPCs, and the story by hiring professional writers. It’s not fun when decyphering a quest takes longer than completing it.


Some games are considered F2P, but lock up some of the more interesting features. To unlock these, you must pay a subscription fee. An example could be Runescape. While you can do a lot of things in the game, you are limited to some skills and weapons unless you pay monthly for Runescape. If you pay, you can fully play the game and not have to worry about inaccessible areas, skills, jobs, and items. The concept works, because the people who don’t have so much to spend still enjoy the game to a large degree and enjoy quality game-play. Yet there’s always this wall you’re left behind, in the end.


How to Get some Cash 

Now, for everyone who says “I don’t have any money, so I can’t play”. I have made a few options for you guys and girls to make some money. These may seem obvious, but following any of these steps will get you enough ($15) to pay monthly for any P2P games. It is up to you, which method you would like to follow.

1. Ask your parents/family. This would have to be the easiest method. You will never know if your parents will allow you to play or not, until you ask.
2. Get a part time job. If you’re old enough to work, why not get a part time job. This way you’ll have plenty of money for the game and all your other needs!
3. Paperboy. Now, this could count as a part time job, but I have decided to give this a separate category because anyone can do this, regardless of age. If you do 1-2 streets you can easily get enough money for a P2P game.
4. Make use of your skills. Let’s say you’re good with computers. Why not make use of it by fixing and configuring computers for others who are still learning.
5. PPT sites or do offers. There are many websites out there, which are legit and will actually pay you for doing offers, surveys, or just clicking on ads. I’m not allowed to post them here for promotion, so look around on Google.
6. Gaming Tournaments. Think you’re really good at a game? Why not compete with other gamers and win some money while having lots of fun!
7. Grind for friends. Are your friends too lazy to level or search for that rare item? Why not do it for them, for a fee of course. This method is not recommended as I don’t like charging friends, for anything.
8. Sell your stuff. Almost everybody probably has some stuff lying around the house, which you don’t need. Why not sell this to someone who will make use of it?


Paper Boy

Summer Jobs


Worth the Money 

In conclusion, I would like to say if you have any money to spare, which everyone should after following my tips, then please go out and try one the P2P games. It’ll be an experience that is totally different from F2P games, if that is all you play. Even if you don’t have money, try out a trial. I would strongly recommend most P2P games over F2P games. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any good F2P games, because there certainly are a few. The attitudes are changing into ‘if it’s not free I won’t play it’, but you may just find it’s worth the money.

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