WildStar PAX East Coverage – As Long as I Laugh

WildStar PAX East Coverage – As Long as I Laugh

By Jonathan Doyle (Ardua), OnRPG Journalist



Wildstar! Are you excited for it?



Certainly I have seen that some in the community absolutely ate up MMOHut’s Wildstar Developer Preview.



Before I really get into what went on at the panel or what I personally took from Wildstar, can everyone join me in welcoming the clear star of PAX East and the linchpin of this piece. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Demon Possessed Soda Machine.




Nexus and What We Saw There

I have friends who are waiting for Wildstar with baited breath. Admittedly I wasn’t one of them because I hadn’t really read up much about the game. The art style, which is very cartoony, didn’t entirely click with me when I first saw it. That’s not to say it is bad, far from it. Everything that I saw is cleanly put together and does follow a particular vision.



The Wildstar panel at PAX East was a sort of “MMO Desires: The Greatest Hits” compilation. They’re not promising you, the player, the moon and stars, just the planet Nexus. It helps though that that is more than enough for effectively anyone.



Have you longed for you own in game housing? Wildstar has that.



Do you want to have big PvP battlegrounds so you can go up against the hated Dominion/Exiles (delete as appropriate with all prejudice!)? Nexus caters for that.



Do you feel the need to wander off into the wilds? Do you want to know more about the story of the game? Do you just want to slice and dice and blast critters into tiny pieces? Of course they have that.



Had they not shown off to everyone all these systems in existence, I admit I might be more skeptical. There’s a niche for everyone and they want to make sure you know it.



Bartle Me Baby One More Time

I assume that you’ve heard of the Bartle Test. If not, the quick and dirty way of describing it is as a psychology test that works out if you are predominantly a Killer, Achiever, Socializer or Explorer in a game and what mix of the four.



Play an MMO for ten minutes and you know and recognise that there are different types of players. There’s those who only ever want a virtual town to hang out in, there’s those who want to climb the unclimbable and see everything and of course there’s the others who find the idea of a mob still being alive to be a personal insult and seek to redress that.



Wildstar has approached the same idea with the Path system. If you want to be an explorer? That’s catered for. Want to be a scientist? Go right ahead.



Between the factions, the races, the classes and the paths, if you can’t find a spot for you to enjoy your time in Wildstar, I will be impressed.



Granted that all rests on one little issue.


Demon Possessed Soda.


Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed the hell out of what I saw and played with. Actually experiencing the cartoony graphics made things work better for me than just watching videos or checking screenshots. The videos Wildstar have released are hilarious. The voice acting and the work put into the different races and factions shines through. All in all the design is incredible.



The problem for some people, assuming they see it like I do, will be with the glue of Wildstar. It’s funny.



Well at least I think it is funny, but humour is one of those things that is not always universal. I find Gary Larson to be hilarious. My mother and Homer Simpson don’t get the Far Side. I adore Monty Python and comedians like Billy Connolly. Others? Not so much.


You are a heathen if you don’t like the Python


Fighting a demon possessed soda machine? This was held up more than once as an example of the idea behind both Carbine Studios and Wildstar. It’s funny, it’s cute and that idea if not that particular mob is something that will be replicated throughout the world of Nexus. If the humour doesn’t sit well with you, the game likely won’t. If you think MMOs should be serious business with serious enemies….I have bad news for you.



What I Want The Most.

All in all I really enjoyed my first proper exposure to Wildstar. If I had to pick one thing that I am excited about … it’d hands down be the warplots. Housing is fine, it looks good and it will have functionality. That’s great but I’ve never really been one for housing. Warplots on the other hand? That’s housing me and all my friends built together and armed with laser cannons and raid bosses.


Oh hell yes


Ultimately I think Wildstar is definitely one to watch and certainly the game that surprised me the most in PAX. I had assumed I’d either hate it, or just be otherwise indifferent. Instead I see it even catered a place for a player like me within its expansive landscapes that build a believable chaotic world.



In conclusion though, I’m going to make a guess at the two as yet unannounced races. As a disclaimer, I don’t know anything more than anyone else. I didn’t ask the studio guys in other words.


Space Undead and steampunk Squats.

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