Wireless Gaming Wearable, Bcon Now Live on Kickstarter

Bcon _ The First Ever Gaming Wearable by CapLab GmbH — Kickstarter

The Bcon is a peripheral from Germany, which stands for “Better Control”. The wearable peripheral began their Kickstarter campaign today and offers interested supporters up to 50 percent off of the latest in wearable controller technology. Backers are not investing in the development though, as that has already been completed. Instead, the Kickstarter is to bring the Bcon into serial production. The Bcon will act as a supplement to the mouse and keyboard by adding easily executed movement controls. It promises to open a whole new input channel for players, and it also means more actions at the same time.

The wearable is aimed both at core gamers looking for better performance, as well as at players who want a more convenient gaming experience. The Bcon’s other applications include barrier-free gaming, as gamers are not limited to attaching the wearable to their feet. Used on the head, for example, people with disabilities can get easier access to more actions in a game or other supported software. Designed for wear on the body, it connects wirelessly to the PC and when attached to the shoe or foot, the hands remain free for using the mouse and keyboard. The Bcon has its own position detecting and does so in real time and translates movements into specific input commands. A total of four effortless movements (lifting the heel, et cetera) are available to trigger abilities in games.

These skills are only limited by the player’s imagination and by the game itself. Hotkeys can be assigned to the different directions of movement that are as flexible as changing key assignments. The Bcon supports PC games or any software that allows keyboard input. Users are able to utilize additional and easily accessible hotkeys for more interaction with the game world. Using the associated software, even complex configurations can be implemented. This even goes as far as executing entire key sequences with just a single smooth movement. The Bcon does this without any automation in the background. With the right knowledge of sequences abilities and the game’s mechanics, effects can be achieved that was previously only known from macros.

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