Wolfteam International Review: Sink Your Teeth Into This

By Vincent Haoson (Vincenthaoson), Onrpg writer

What do you get when you mix soldiers, guns and werewolves battling in an all-out deathmatch arena? A movie idea? Maybe, but in the MMO world, what we have is Softnyx’s own FPS MMO, Wolfteam.

Softnyx, the company that has brought other casual shooter games like Gunbound and Rakion into the MMO scene has you shooting against fellow super soldier ‘werewolves’ in a bloodbath of mayhem and destruction.

This is not the movies boys

The story of Wolfteam revolves around an elite French military group that uses werewolf soldiers as enlisted officers. The thing is, yes they may be the best when it comes to battles and missions but the French army has lost control of these soldiers. Your part in the whole scheme of things is that you are one of those so-called uncontrollable werewolves.

There is no character creation in Wolfteam compared to other FPS games. The only thing that separates you from the rest of the world is your skills in both armaments and in melee combat as a wolf.


There are 7 modes you can choose from in Wolfteam, each mode has a corresponding set goal and objective on winning, though it may be done solo or in a team. The modes are as follows, you have the conquest, deathmatch, destruction, wolf conquest, ex conquest, destruction and Ice Hold modes.

The thing with Wolfteam is that unlike, most FPS MMOs where you have the typical combat modes you can choose from, you get to have modes that cater specifically to the unique feature Wolfteam has, becoming a wolf. The wolf form is the strongest and most dangerous form you have in the game. However, changing shape in Wolfteam is regulated by the mode you are playing in. There are modes where you can freely change from human to wolf while some modes need you to have enough Wolf points before you start as a wolf.

Wolf Points

Another thing about the combat system in Wolfteam is that you cannot use all the weapons at your disposal right off the bat. You need to get yourself the required amount of Wolf points to be able to use them. Wolf points are earned as you do certain tasks in the game like taking over a base, killing an enemy, inflicting a sneak attack and the like. However, you can also lose those very important wolf points as well, if you accidentally hit your teammate regardless in which form you also get to lose those badly needed points in the process.


Wolfteam is your typical First-person shooter that basically has everything going for it. It’s got the core gameplay down that the only main problem the game has is the lag issues of its subscribers which practically affects how the game goes.

As most often seen on FPS games, whenever there are lag spike or net spike issues in a game, the players’ avatars seem to be teleporting from one place to another. Although this may be acceptable for normal MMOs, in an FPS sometimes it takes a split second to determine who wins. More so in Wolfteam where the wild card is the werewolf mode where they can practically kill a player with only one swipe. Who would want to go against someone who’s practically stronger than you that seems to be teleporting as well, right?

Setting the internet issue aside, Wolfteam does have its quirks that make it such a fun game to play. The werewolf mode wildcard is practically the thing that sets this game apart from the rest of the FPS games out on the market.

You can’t find another game in the MMO scene that has wonderfully sown the idea of werewolf soldiers fighting in a deathmatch against each other. Also, the werewolf mode has in fact a few features that can be the selling point of the game, for example, you can run along walls in werewolf form. That’s right, you have the opportunity to feel how those Lycans in the movie Underworld feel when they were running along walls. No other game can give you that satisfaction except Wolfteam.

Wolfteam International Key Setup

One of the things that I think the game lacks is the lack of character customization. It may be true that a game that has the uses the gameplay of shoot-now-Google-at-it-later, I must insist that the game really should have put something that sets your avatar apart from the rest. Other FPS can make you choose what your character looks like in a very limited appearance library at least, so why not Wolfteam?

Furthermore, there are certain aspects of the game that really remind me of another FPS MMO out in the market. The familiarity of it all can really strike you if you have been around the block, so this may look like a repackaged version of the game, plus wolves.

Still, the game has a lot to offer, the weapons library seems to be chock full of weapons that are based on actual weapons that are out on the market. Though the designs may be different, it is still a sight to see that you can actually make out an AK-47 from the game’s own AKEI.

Wolfteam Guns

Overall, Wolfteam seems more like a generic version of any FPS MMO out right now, and the lack of customization adds to the generic feel of the whole game. The werewolf change may be cute at first, it’s just a overpowered muscled melee monster. If you want your skills to be tested in a world where werewolves insist, you can try it out, but If you are into something more ‘genuine’ and ‘real’, I suggest go look for it elsewhere.

– The wolf form gives a new look into the FPS genre
– Battles are easy to set up and start
– Gameplay is easy to grasp

– Lag issues affect battles
– Game balance constantly tilts as a match continues
– No character customization or creation.

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