Wolfteam Interview: Variation from Standard FPS

Questions by Alex Beck, Onrpg Journalist
Answered by Wolf Team Product Manager

So you’re playing an average human with your standard machine gun racing around the corner avoiding bullets at all costs when suddenly that soldier you were just dodging gunfire from transforms into a wolf and comes racing towards you in a fury of claws…Wait..What?? Wolf Team is a free 3d MMOFPS in which you can transform into a wolf at the press of a button and change back at your own will. Up to 16 players at a time can be put against each other in an all out fight to survive! After seeing this you’re probably wanting to know more and we’ve managed to put the battles on hold for a few minutes while we ask a few questions that we have for the Product Manager of Wolf Team.

Onrpg: Could you Introduce yourself please?
Valkyrie: Hello, my name is Melodie Leonard and I’ve been with Aeria Games for about a year and a half. I’ve worked on several projects during my time here, including Wolf Team.

Onrpg: Since the release of Wolf Team how has the game been faring?
Valkyrie: Wolf Team has become an excellent addition to the Aeria portal, with more players joining on a daily basis. We’re happy to say that the game has been reliable, stable, and continues to grow in popularity.

Wolf Team Enemy

Onrpg: What features in Wolf Team differ from any other online FPS game?
Valkyrie: Wolf Team adds another level of combat with the introduction of several wolf transformations. Instead of swapping out to a knife or using the butt of a gun, players become werewolves and enter a third-person viewpoint. This variation from standard FPS games provides a great deal of flexibility for the player, while demanding adaptation of traditional strategies and play styles. In addition to this, humans are able to purchase and upgrade from a large selection of weapons using gold they accumulate through playing the game.

Onrpg: What kind of weapons can a player expect to use?
Valkyrie: Players are able to setup weapon groups for use in game that consist of a primary weapon (heavy damage), secondary weapon (pistol), and grenades. Primary weapons include assault and sniper rifles, as well as shotguns, rocket launchers, turret machine guns, and flamethrowers.  Excellent!

Onrpg: Can players purchase the same items or weapons as players using Aeria Points?
Valkyrie: The majority of weapons are available for purchase with gold. This helps ensure that the game continues to be well-balanced since weapons are available to all players. Other items that can be purchased with Aeria Points enhance gameplay while still maintaining the importance of skill outweighing equipment.

Onrpg: What kind of game types can be experienced in Wolf Team? Do you have any plans for new game types in the future?
Valkyrie: Wolf Team has several different game modes (11 including various submodes), from capturing enemy bases to simply killing as many enemies as possible. Submodes provide the opportunity to fight as human vs human, while some modes have the option to battle as wolves vs humans.

Team of Humans

Onrpg: There have been some reports of “Hackers” in Wolf Team, How do you intend to deal with these players?
Valkyrie:  Wolf Team currently uses GameGuard and we work with the developers to keep the game fair for everyone.   We have a very active GM team that works closely with our volunteer community.  Together they keep a close eye on the game and deal with players that do not abide by the rules as we have zero tolerance for cheaters.  It’s important to note most reports of cheating are often not legitimate, and instead come from players that have been defeated by someone who simply outplayed them.

Onrpg: Is there a storyline in Wolf Team that players follow?
Valkyrie: Wolf Team has a background story that leads into the game. However, the storyline does not extend into gameplay progression.  You can see a video of the background story here.

Onrpg: Some users experience lag while playing, obviously this can prove to be a problem in a shooter style game. Is there anything you can do to reduce lag issues?
Valkyrie: The amount of lag a player encounters is generally within their own control based on who they are playing with. Wolf Team game matches operate on peer-to-peer connections, meaning that most lag is due to a player’s connection speed to other players. There is currently a system in place that will remove players from game if their ping rate becomes too high in relation to other players. The game also will not allow players to join a room if their ping deviates too far from the average of the rest of the room.  We will continue to work with the developers to make improvements such as encourage players to join rooms that have a lower ping for them.

Onrpg: Is there any variation in the type of wolf you can change into?
Valkyrie: There are up to nine different wolf types available in some game modes. The abilities of these types of werewolves vary widely.  For example, one wolf Type has incredible health and can block a percentage of damage, but moves slowly.  Another type, the Ghost Wolf, is quick and can become invisible if the player remains still.

Onrpg: Have you faced any major problems since the games release?
Valkyrie: As with launching any new game there’s always a fair share of challenges to overcome, for example bugs, etc.  Fortunately we have been very successful so far resolving problems that come our way in a timely manner and things have been running fairly smoothly.  We are also fortunate that Wolf Team has a community that is very supportive. 

Wolfteam Wolf Attacker

Onrpg: Can we expect to see any new content or features in the future?
Valkyrie: Of course! Recently we added a Classic version that allowed players to play their favorite modes as human vs human, like a standard FPS.  There are also more new maps and modes on the way!

Onrpg: Is there any in-game player-staff contact in the form of events, games etc?
Valkyrie: Our team has been very pro-active about in-game support and contact. A normal week includes daily events, including an event where players must either kill or defend the GM (depending on their team).   Prizes are often given out after participating in an event.

Onrpg: What is the age group targeted by Wolf Team?
Valkyrie: Wolf Team primarily appeals to males in their teens and up, however we have found a wide variety of players enjoy the game.

Onrpg: Is there anything else you would like to say?
Valkyrie: I encourage everyone who enjoys FPS games to give Wolf Team a try!  You can download it from our website.

Onrpg: Thank you for your time!
No problem! 

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