WonderKing Interview: Are you “Wonderking” What’s up?

WonderKing Interview: Are you “Wonderking” What’s up?
Questions By: Bryan King
Answered By: Tommy Luo, Associate Producer for WonderKing


OnRPG: Hello and thank you for taking the time to talk to us, please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi Bryan, this is Tommy Luo and I’m the Associate Producer for WonderKing.


OnRPG: For those who might not have heard of WonderKing, can you give them a short overview of the game?

WonderKing is a free to play 2D side scrolling MMORPG. WonderKing revolves around you, a novice adventurer who is stranger to all, but a hero in waiting. It is your mission to seize the throne for good and release the world from the clutches of the Sinistry of Devils.


Our community is very welcoming and the quests are as excellent as they are diverse. Unique features and dynamic combat system is presented right from the beginning of the game. WonderKing presents a character evolution system that presents sophisticated 2D combat that is easy to perform, but challenging to master. The storyline is very easy charming and filled with colorful interactions with the NPCs in the game.

WonderKing Interview Tavern

OnRPG: What features does WonderKing have that separates it from other games?

WonderKing Online features a story that players can be immersed in. WonderKing puts the Role-Playing back into RPGs with many key features such as the “Monster Book” system that we currently have in place. It transforms you into the monsters you encounter and may even give you additional stats to bolster your fighting capabilities.


We have a unique combat combo system that users can unlock via the skill tree. As you level higher into the game, character control becomes more and more sophisticated. What’s even better is that you can bring your skills and put them to the test by challenging other players to a duel. Currently, there is no group PvP implemented in the game, but soon enough, we will introduce one of the most hyped features that WonderKing has to offer: The Castle Siege.

WonderKing Interview

OnRPG:  How has the community responded to the updates your development team has implemented so far?

A couple months ago, we had a class balance event for WonderKing players to make suggestions to improve all classes. By the end of the event, we collected the suggestions and requested the Ryu&Soft developers to implement some of the many great suggestions received from the players. The result from this event was a tremendous success since many players in the WonderKing community were excited for the class balance updates we made.


OnRPG: For those who have left the WonderKing community since an earlier stage of the game, how would you entice them to come back?

If you played WonderKing during closed beta, open beta or even just once in the past, now it’s the best time to come back and join the epic battles in the revamped Player vs. Player (PvP) system! Over the past year, there have been various additions such as pets, mounts, items, and class balance updates delivered to WonderKing. So log back in WonderKing today to continue your previous epic journey with friends and family this time!


OnRPG: How does your team balance the barrier between those who buy items in the cash shop and those who do not?

The Item Mall in WonderKing plays a limited role in benefiting and overpowering cash shop players. On the bright side, our Item Mall offers variety of character customization items for players to decorate their avatar as well as few convenient cash items for faster speed, easy teleportation, and picking up items. However, some of these luxurious benefits can be obtained through other features or items from the WonderKing game system too!

WonderKing Interview

OnRPG:  What classes are there in WonderKing?

There are four starting classes in WonderKing: Swordsman, Mage, Thief, and Scout. Once you’ve reached level 30, there will be quests you need to pass to transcend to first class advancement. You will have to make a critical decision on choosing one of the 2 paths from the starting classes, where you can learn diverse new skill. If you are interested in a specific class listed below, you can click on the link after each brief description to find out more info!


1)       Swordsman – Swordsmen are able to withstand an astounding punishment. Their weapon of choice is a one-handed sword, along with a shield grasped in the off-hand to defend any incoming foes, or a two-handed weapon that wrecks fury upon legions of enemies. For more info, click here!

2)       Mage – Mage is a character that possesses impressive intelligence and a wide array of power spells. The weapon choice for a Mage is the staff. Before becoming a master of elements, Mages are the brightest students in the art of magic. For more info, click here!

3)       Thief – Thieves are exceptional evasive maneuvers and they possess immense knowledge of fatal pressure points, making them a force to be reckoned with. Twin blades along with ninja stars are the weapons of choice for Thieves. For more info, click here!

4)       Scout – Scouts heavily depend on their sharp sight and perfect precision to hit targets from far distance. By firing arrows with emphatic accuracy, they can bring a brief end to any hostile enemy’s life. A Scout’s weapon of choice includes bows and guns. For more info, click here!


OnRPG: How vast is the world of WonderKing, and what can players find in it?

There are six continents in the world of WonderKing: Elgaill, Francis, WonderPlus, Hellen, Nagpha Swamp, and Lampuel. Each continent consisted of many small maps and hidden maps for everyone to explore.

Wonderking Interview Map

OnRPG:  What’s in store for the recent expansions for WonderKing?

We’re actually reworking two big features that you’ve listed-Castle Battle and Housing-to add new elements of gameplay. It’s a huge work in progress so these features will be coming in the near future.


The Castle Battle feature will allow players to fight for specific areas in a game of conquest. The Housing System is being reworked to include private areas for players to decorate, rest, or use as storage.


OnRPG: Does WonderKing have any emphasis in party/guild cooperation? Would you encourage any guilds to come and migrate to your game?

WonderKing encourages everyone to form a party to get points by defeating monsters. The points can be converted to experience or money by the party leader. WonderKing welcomes all guilds to join us and engage in epic battles to win glory over other elite guilds.

WonderKing Interview

OnRPG: What has been one of the best things your team has come across since the development of the English version?

When WonderKing was announced in E3 2009, we received incredible feedback from many MMORPG communities prior to the release of WonderKing Closed Beta. And on the opening day of Closed Beta, we have so many new users coming in the game and forum. Our WonderKing team was so happy of our achievement since the community is bustling as ever!


OnRPG: What problems has your team encountered since the development of the English version of WonderKing?

There are a few challenges such as communicating with our overseas team. There have been really long nights trying to coordinate with them. It is safe to say that our version of WonderKing is vastly different from the previous versions. There have been relevant changes in everything from character skills to some map design. There are also additional features in our version of WonderKing that have never been seen before.


OnRPG: What type of events does WonderKing run in order to keep their users interested?

Every few months, we would run a big event to reward our WonderKing players with physical prizes including Alienware Laptops, iPads, iPod Touches, LCD monitors, and many more valuable items. Also, we have run numerous GMs events: The Hide N’ Seek, Challenge Your GMs, and the Forest of Control event. The players and GMs had a splendid time participating in these events. We aim to be very different from other games. We want our GMs to interact with users, get to know them, and be part of the community as well.


OnRPG: What type of PvP content does WonderKing have?

We’ve created a special area of the game called the “Battlefield” to play the PvP system to earn honorable titles. Players will have the option to fight anyone else online or set up private, password-protected matches with their friends. There are three rounds of fighting lasting 90 seconds each as well as a variety of PvP maps! If you have the fighting power and skill, you can earn the most honored WonderKing PvP title!!


Wonderking Fight


OnRPG: Can you tell us where the name WonderKing came from? What inspired it?

The game name actually stemmed from a game called Wonderboy. We took “wonder” and added it to our title to give it the same charm as Wonderboy. WonderKing is based on the conflict between the good and bad – or in this case, between the human world and the Demon King, Baalon. Baalon started causing trouble when his sinister powers were strongest, causing the human world to fall into great chaos. The world was in dire need of a hero who could restore order in the troubled world. Players will take on this hero role as they attempt to defeat the Demon King and ultimately earn the title of “WonderKing.”


OnRPG: Is there anything else you would like to let readers know?

WonderKing has a friendly and welcoming community with so many active fans on Facebook. There are many game features that WonderKing can offer for both casual and hardcore gamers. We have adorable and charming pets that assist players in hunting, collecting items and other small tasks. Also, there are various mounts that provide quick movement and powerful auxiliary equipments for both attack and defense. Finally, there are competition battles where players can bring glory to their guilds and show off their battle skills in a tournament against other players (PvP)!  Don’t wait and check the WonderKing website to get more information about the game at www.playwonderking.com/wk


OnRPG: Thank you so much for your time!

And thank you for yours.

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