Wonderland Online Review

by Kelvin Cheung, Onrpg writer

Wonderland Online: Version 3.0 — Fairy’s Whisper

Wonderland Online has announced that the new 3.0 version will be released soon. Players have been waiting patiently, and with news slowly leaking about the new upgrades coming, they decided to open the floodgates and give you a comprehensive sneak preview of the biggest changes.

“The Dark Sword was kept by the Angels. Many ambitious people tried to find it but none of them succeeded. However, the Bright Shield was kept by the forces of Evil. It is said that all people who tried to steal it disappeared and were never heard from again. So, whoever is able to retake the Bright Shield will be the embodiment of the savior and the son of justice.” –A popular legend among fairies.

The new version begins in the hometown of the fairies. Players will happen to be there for an anniversary fiesta celebrating spring. The lovely and kind fairies are so happy to meet these people from other places that they then lead players to visit a fairy sage with a childlike appearance, who is said to have been living for nearly 10 centuries. He knows these players have an important mission ahead and gives them a Ma Stone which can restrain evil spirits and says: “A common weapon is useless against the King. However, if players want to defeat him they will need the Dark Sword which can protect them from attacks from the Bright Shield. After that, seal his soul in this Ma Stone forever using the special weapon.”

1. Six Classes
In Wonderland v.3.0, when players’ meet the new level requirement—100, you can be reborn! Go and see the Accession Official and simply complete the appointed quest. Afterwards, players will have a cool class and special abilities. In addition, skills grow in power after being reborn as well. More important than those, classes can be strengthened. Don’t miss the new Class System in Wonderland Online.

2. Fairy’s Whisper
The new version begins in the hometown of the fairies. Players happen to meet there for an anniversary fiesta in the Spring of the fairy. What kind of things are going on? What kind of hidden secret was in the lender rumor? Players can research it on their way to adventure!

3. Angels and Demons
Wonderland Online version 3.0 is crammed with lots of great new contents. This time, the story is about Angels and Demons. What will happen when little Angel Angela meets with the naughty fairy Eva? Wonderful storylines, amazing exploration and exciting travel, all of them bring players to a fantastic new world.

4. Space Travel
With the development of aviation technology, players have the chance to begin a journey into space! However, players should make every effort to improve their manufacturing abilities first and create an airship, landing craft and many more space vehicles.

5. Four Civilizations
The well-known Incan Empire, Angkor, Thailand and Chang’an, ancient capital of China are all included in the game. You are sure to enjoy their local customs and culture. Wonderland Online Version 3.0 will take you around the world from the comfort of your computer.

6. Strong BOSSes
Since ancient times, light and darkness are at daggers drawn! Along with the war between Good and Evil, Wonderland Online version 3.0 will release lots of brand new monsters as well as various strong BOSSes. Players can be sure they will have a great time in Wonderland Online!

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