World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a MMORPG that is p2p. Great game, but does have it’s problems.

Sound/background music I don’t really pay much attention, but its great. I love the sound affects when swinging a sword or when an enemy dies, no problems here. 9/10

Gameplay Very fun, even when you first log on. I am currently a level 9 shaman, on blackrock server. I got into a great guild, 60 members currently. We plan to do FvF (Faction vs faction) raids. The big focus on WoW is the PvP and FvF aspects of it. A lot of fun 🙂 When I was alliance (I’m Horde now) We had 25 Alliance against 50 horde…that turned out bad :P. I love all the skills too, shamans get totems, hunters can tame pets at level 10. Warlocks can summon demonic pets, etc…9.4/10

Problems/bugs Well, like all MMORPGs, there are bugs and problems. Currently, some classes are to powerful and people are leveling wayy to fast. One person already reached lvl 60 and game hasn’t been out long. Also macros and other programs are out, but Blizzard is stopping those cheaters, which is good 🙂 They haven’t fixed the stuch bug, I got stuck once, but luckily they have a unstuck option. Other then that (and besides graphic bugs), haven’t encountered any other problems/bugs. 6/10

Graphics for a bunch of pictures. The graphics may not be up to date as other games and the cartoony stype turns some people away. I myself love them, I love echo island near the orc/troll starting place, beautiful place…a defenate have to visit (the monsters there are really tough so) But…there are graphics bugs. When running, sometimes you see your weapon go through you and low lvl capes aren’t that great looking eather. 7/10

Overall/other Great game, with some problems, usually like MMORPGs when they are first released. A defenate must have, not many classes/races…but they are very hard to choose which one to play. They all fit someones play style. The community overall is great, but maybe thats cause I’m in a good guild 😛 If you ever log on to Blackrock server, feel free to message Vendayn 🙂 8.3/10

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