World of Warcraft: Wild LOLfest Theoriest Part 1

By Kei Beneza (Dividelife), OnRPG Journalist

Wild LOLfest theories 1: The Lich King consumes all… Including the game. (Expect a lot of LOLs)

If you’re a fan of the Warcraft lore, then you’re probably aware who the game’s main antagonist is. World of Warcraft (WoW), as you may know is currently the most played MMO today. With an awesome gameplay and intense online experience, World of Warcraft has taken the world by storm. The game revolves around the living and breathing world of Azeroth and carries on from the epilogue of the world renowned Warcraft 3 series. Just as the story suggests, the world will only be at peace once the Lich King (Prince Arthas Menethil) is defeated. It’s been years since the story began, and like any other story– everything will have to come down to a final battle between good and evil (LOL).

The Final Battle?

Sometimes I tend to ask myself: “What will happen once Arthas comes out?”. It would definitely be the ultimate challenge for any player in the game. I was thinking about an actual fourty-man raid, where an array of geared players try their best to put the Lich King down. But what exactly will occur once the first raid group kills and loots the main antagonist of the game? How would everyone feel after the powerful being in the game has been defeated?

Storywise, defeating the Lich King was everyone’s primary goal and this grand act would mean releasing Azeroth from the clutches of evil. After that, this epic raid may just end up as a casual “LFG Healers and Tank Ice Crown 40 man” raid. If you look at it through the storyline’s perspective, defeating Arthas Menethil will put the entire Warcraft storyline in complete stasis. What made World of Warcraft special was its awesome way of storytelling. The story updates itself like a normal breathing world. Once the antagonist disappears, everything will be stuck in a specific moment in time (much like most MMORPGs) which would either be “Wait for Arthas to respawn LOL” or “Alliance vs Horde” all over again.

Time draws near as more villains enter the scene; and soon, the time will come when the final boss must make his stand and finally reveal himself to the heroes.

Poor forgotten ones

I remember the time when Illidan was still the main attraction of the game. Everyone would be organizing raid groups just to be able to take a whiff of his epic goodness (and yes they were the epitome of EPIC back then). As one of the main villains of the World of War craft series, I could say that I was fully disgusted by how he was treated after the release of the WoTLK (Wrath of the Lich King) expansion. After Northrend’s main debut, everyone no longer cared for him (farmed him rather), instead drawing their attention on regular dungeon items that are (and I quote) “Stronger” than the ones acquired in Black Temple. We’ve seen a lot of bosses go down this way; not through the storyline but through their lack of importance in upcoming patches and expansions.

I remember a time when I tried to organize a Black Temple raid group for old time’s sake. Everytime we would invite someone to join, they would hit us with devastating replies like “Who is Illidan?” or “What the hell is Black Temple?”. Illidan has now become a shadow of his former self; and soon, Arthas may find himself in the same position. Think there will come a time when people in the game would ask you “Who the hell is Arthas?”? Geez, I hope not…

“Ugh… no! Don’t take my sword! It’ll make you more special than me!”


For Ragnaros, it was the Sulfuras Hammer. For Illidan, his Warglaives of Azzinoth— anyone see a pattern here? Don’t get me wrong, being able to wield the epic Frostmourne would probably be the most awesome moment of my WoW life; however, it wouldn’t feel right to see the most respected sword in WoW history being swung by random swashbucklers. Although most players would wet their pants by the mere sight of it, the Frostmourne is STILL the Frostmourne and must not be wielded by anyone else other than the Lich King himself (in respect to the lore as well).

How will it end anyway?

What will become of the lore once the story reaches this point? Then again, what will become of the GAME once the ice has been lifted? Are we looking at a potential Warcraft 4? The world of Azeroth is sure to undergo a tremendous makeover once this is done and settled with. Who will be the next main antagonist? What will the new world be like?

Since there are no other Warcraft game that can continue the story other than World of Warcraft, I wonder… As silly as it may seem, the purpose of WoW is to show the people what it is like to live in the world of Azeroth (as an actual Azerothian or whatever they call themselves). Does that mean that the first raid against Arthas will be jotted down as a part of the story? It would definitely be awesome if they were to accredit a player for being able to defeat the most powerful entity in the game. Since World of Warcraft ACTS as a sequel to Warcraft 3 and focuses on letting players act as living characters in the game, then it would be wise to officially grant them the honor of ending the story they’ve yearned to follow (in my opinion at least).

The Real Heroes of Azeroth

Neither Thrall nor Varian completed quests (or grinded tee-hee) to get to level 80, nor did they go through countless dungeons just so they could roll for epic items. If you look at it that way, we’re a lot more fitting to kill Arthas than those NPCs (LOL).

We’ve worked our way through countless obstacles and faced challenges like no other; and now that the wrath of the Lich King is upon us, the only way for us to survive is to keep moving forward. After all… Once the Lich King dies, the story we’ve sought to finish will just probably continue to move on as a linear game of questing and raiding. Well… at least we were there when the real Lich King appeared (or at least before he was ganged on and looted)

Oh… and by the way… LOL

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