WoW Wednesday: Gone Fishin’ and Out to Lunch

WoW Wednesday: Gone Fishin’ and Out to Lunch

By Meredith Watson, OnRPG Journalist




The more things change the more they stay the same. This is especially true of Mists of Pandaria, at least where fishing, cooking and first aid are concerned.  For those that don’t know, fishing, cooking, and first aid are secondary professions in the World of Warcraft and all of its subsequent expansions. Archaeology would be added with Cataclysm as a secondary profession also. Cooking has had some interesting changes with the introduction of a new system whereas fishing has essentially stayed the same in the Mists of Pandaria.




The first place you will want to visit if you are an aspiring chef is Pang’s Stead in the Valley of Four Winds. Seek out Nan Thunderfoot and she will direct you to Halfhill Market. Once at Halfhill Market you will be introduced to the Ironpaws, the new cooking faction. Of note, you can pick up a Chinese inspired set of armour here as well from Trader Jambeezi. The Ironpaws will teach you about the six cooking specializations called “Ways”.  Each specialization focuses on a specific stat.


Way of the Grill-Strength

Way of the Pot-Intellect

Way of the Oven-Stamina

Way of the Wok-Agility

Way of the Steamer-Spirit



Way of the Brew is supposedly the easiest specialization to level but it is gimmicky and pointless.  One brew restores mana but does minor damage and the other gets the player “drunk”.



Each specialization offers two feast dishes which are banquets for 10-25 players that offer +250 primary stat of the character eating from the banquet. However, if your primary stat is that of the banquet you get a +275 primary stat boost. Tanks get stamina increases.



The Ironpaws offer cooking quests with the rewards being Ironpaw Tokens. There is one repeatable quest for tokens which requires a bundle of groceries to be created. This can be done by purchasing a basket from Merchant Ku then combing a set amount of ingredients.  Most of the ingredients needed for a basket are mob drops such as cabbage or different types of meat. Fish from fishing can also be used. If a particular ingredient is rare and hard to come by, recipes using said ingredient will scale down the number of them required for the recipe.



Ironpaw Tokens are used to purchase different types of ingredients or cosmetic items like a frying pan, rolling pin, and apron. A cooking table that can be flipped by an angry cook (the player) is also available.  Amassing 100 tokens will get you the Cooking School Bell which “summons and dismisses Nomi, your student in the Cooking Tradeskill”. In order to summon Nomi you will need 600 in each way, be level 85 at least and have cooked each 600 recipe once.  Nomi offers daily quests and reputation (friendship) gain with him. There is speculation about what the end result will be once maximum friendship is attained but as of now, it is unknown.




Fishing in Mists of Pandaria is much the same as it is currently as far as mechanics but now has a cap of 600. As one would expect new fish have been introduced, and these can be used in the cooking daily, Replenishing the Pantry, as well as recipes.



For those that are tired of fishing with a pole, Goblin Fishing Bomb and Anglers Fishing Spear are two new fishing methods introduced in Mists of Pandaria. However, both methods are only usable for certain quests.



There is a new fishing faction called, rather unimaginatively, the Anglers which is comprised mostly of drunken pandas.  There are three Angler fishing villages:  Angler’s Wharf, Sri-La Village, and Soggy’s Gamble.  Angler’s Wharf is where you will find the quartermaster who is none other than Nat Pagle.  Like Nomi, Nat is available for friendship through the purchase of a book.  Getting reputation with the Anglers opens up some nifty rewards including a Water Strider Mount (it walks on water. Obviously), a couple nifty looking fishing poles named Dragon Fishing Pole and the Anglers Fishing Pole, or a tiny goldfish pet that floats in a bubble.



Most importantly though are the three new rafts that are available. All three rafts have restrictions. The Anglers Fishing Raft can be used for ten minutes once an hour and is a permanent item.  It can be used anywhere in Azeroth or Outlands and requires “revered” with the Anglers. The other two rafts have more limitations such as where and how they can be used. For example one can only be used in Krasarang Wilds and the other is only available for certain quests.



Nat Pagle will sell extra items to his friends such as his hat and journal. Wearing his hat grants you a skill bonus of +5 and on use +150 skill, reusable, 10 minute lure. “This sun-baked hat is held together by bits of fishing line and old lures”. This hat requires exalted with Nat. Reading his journal teaches a permanent fishing skill increase of 50 and binds to your account. There are three unique fish that need to be caught that will raise friendship with Nat, and at this time this seems to be the only way to gain his trust. Though Nat is part of The Anglers, reputation with him is separate from that of The Anglers.



First Aid

Nothing has changed about First Aid as of this beta build except for a cap of 600 and two new bandages: Windwool Bandage and Heavy Windwool Bandage. First aid may be going the way of the dinosaur in the World of Warcraft.  First Aid’s role in WoW has been greatly diminished due to non-healing classes having small selfheal abilities but it is still useful for levelling.



Though cooking has had some minor changes to the way it works it is still the same wringing of hands or paws over a cook stove.  Like it or not, cooking is a very useful secondary profession. Fishing is not to everyone’s taste and most find it incredibly dull, but if you are one of the few that love fishing and its achievements and rewards then you will not be disappointed in Mists of Pandaria. Overall, fishing and cooking are reminiscent of how they were in Wrath of the Lich King, which isn’t a bad thing at all.


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