WoW Wednesday – Level 90! Now what?

WoW Wednesday – Level 90! Now what?

By Meredith Watson (MerryQuiteContrary), OnRPG Warcraft Reporter



It has been less than a month since Mists of Pandaria has been released and yet almost everyone has at least one level 90. So now that you’ve been hurled towards the end game and find yourself level 90, what do you do?  The best place to start is with a combination of dailies, scenarios and heroics with the final goal of raiding.  Or not.  There is always PvP.




When you reach level 90 you will undoubtedly notice that several quest hubs light up like Christmas trees with yellow exclamation marks indicating that you are destined to do dailies a) until the next expansion, b) you rage quit or c) find that you just can’t be bothered anymore and go find something else to play.



As the name suggests The Tillers are all about farming and can be found at Halfhill in the Valley of Four winds. You will have encountered them at around level 86 while doing cooking and farming quests.  Supposedly this is one of the hardest factions to gain reputation with. Not only will you get rep with The Tillers but also with individual members of this faction leading to more rewards.



The Anglers are a group of fisherman hanging out on a wharf in Krasarang Wilds. The Anglers’ quartermaster is none other than Nat Pagle himself and also has a personal reputation bar. Once you are his best friend additional rewards become available.  Rewards for reputation with The Anglers include a water strider mount (exalted), fishing raft and a selection of fishing poles.



The Klaxxi are a faction of bugs (Mantid- large praying mantis) in the Dread Wastes.  Klaxxi offer a selection of level 450 rare gear that is purchased with justice points. Once revered and with valour points level 489 epic legs and waists can be obtained. At exalted the Reigns of the Amber Scorpion became available. The Klaxxi have blacksmith plans for sell once honoured.



You can find the Golden Lotus in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. The Golden Lotus offers some valour point gear (rings, chests, and shoulders) with an ilevel of 489 as well as tailoring and leatherworking patterns.  At exalted the Riding Crane can be purchased and comes in a variety of colours.



The ninja like Shado-Pan can be found in western Townlong Steppes. The Shado-Pan sell epic ilevel 489 trinkets, backs and head slot pieces as well as some transmog and justice point items. The Shado-Pan Riding Tiger and a few enchanting recipes are also on offer.



Completing dailies with the August Celestials can get you epic (valour point) bracers, gloves and boots. Once honoured, rare gear can be purchased with justice points. The daily quests will take place in one of the four temples. In addition to gear the August Celestials also have some enchanting recipes for sell.  The exalted mount is the Thundering Cloud Serpent. More of the serpent mounts can be had by doing dailies with the Order of the Cloud Serpent. You can find the Order of the Cloud Serpent in the Jade Forest at the Arboretum. The Cloud Serpents are the same model as the Thundering Cloud Serpent but come in different colours.




Scenarios are instanced, story driven, three person PvE events.  Like the dreaded PuG it is a crap shoot as to who you will end up running with if you don’t have a premade.  The other day a friend and I were in a scenario with a balance druid who wasn’t in moonkin form and whacking things with his/her staff.  Now, I realize things have changed but I don’t think they’ve changed that much. Scenarios have phases which are essentially a series of tasks to be completed culminating in the final phase which is seemingly the most difficult.  Scenarios do not need a healer or tank but do require some teamwork. Rewards for scenarios consist of some valour points and a small chest which normally has around 30 gold in it. There isn’t a lot of incentive to run scenarios other than a handful of valour tokens as the gold is usually less than one repair bill.



In among all these dailies and scenarios you will run heroics, which aren’t as punishing as they have been in previous expansions, over and over until you hit the magic ilevel score you need to raid. While all this seems rather daunting there is some good news. That good news is that there are some planned changes coming in how reputation is gained. Reputation gain will become easier for alts and mains alike. Once a character becomes revered with any given faction, other characters on that same account will gain double reputation for that faction.  For example, my priest is revered with the Klaxxi (she isn’t) and my rogue is honoured (she might be). My rogue will gain double reputation when she works on Klaxxi rep because my priest has already gained revered with them.  Not only will my rogue get double reputation but the priest will also get double reputation with Klaxxi as she heads towards exalted. This should help ease the pain of the reputation grind to a degree. It is still a grind any way you look at it though.



Congratulations on getting to 90 by the way.

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