WoW Wednesday – The Launch of Meh (5.0.4)

WoW Wednesday-The Launch of Meh (5.0.4)

By Meredith Watson, OnRPG WoW Reporter




Patch 5.0.4 was released yesterday, August 28th, in the US and this morning, August 29th, in the EU to mixed reviews.  After waiting most of the day due to extended maintenance for the US ( Blizzard clearly found the problem and had EU up by around 11am) the overriding theme was one of “meh”. It seems as if everyone is just a bit blasé about the whole thing.  Even Blizzard couldn’t be bothered to name the patch. It is just 5.0.4. Meh.



The forums and even twitter are awash with comments on the patch and how classes are broken or classes are over powered. There seems to be a common feeling in that the new talents are meaningless and quite often PvP focused.   Normally though the official forums are all up in arms come any sort of messing about with the classes.  Not so today. It does feel as some are making a half-hearted attempt to stir up trouble but gone are the heated debates it seems.



It isn’t all bad though. One of the major changes is the account wide mounts, pets and achievements. I was personally looking forward to this as I have been playing since the beginning and have characters that have since retired but had acquired some nifty mounts or achievements. It is good to see those things now on characters I am currently playing.  It was a bit shocking to see how many pets I actually had given; I’ve never considered myself a collector.  It is interesting to note that duplicates of certain pets do show in the pet tab meaning you can fight with all of the duplicates.  Speaking of the Pet Battle system, it isn’t live but will be introduced with Mists of Pandaria.  I have already been building my teams in anticipation.



Feats of Strength are also account wide now.  I do like this if for no other reason than bragging rights.  Upon logging in this morning I was awarded two new Feats of Strength for pre-purchasing the digital deluxe edition of Mists of Pandaria with the Imperial Quilen Mount and Quilen pet.



There are quite a few class changes. Whether or not they are good or bad is up to the player to decide.  I didn’t like the fact that rogue off hands were normalized meaning it no longer matters if you have a fast offhand and slow main hand which used to be the old compensation.  It was a thing that rogues knew. Okay, it was a thing good rogues knew. I would like to say I do like the using of poisons now as a buff versus applying to the weapon. However, I will miss the green poison effect dripping off my blades.  Rogues, remember when we had to make our poisons? We’ve come a long way.



Gone are the days of the melee hunter much to everyone’s relief no doubt.  The ranged weapon slot has been removed so now the hunters bow or rifle will go in the main hand slot.  This goes for all classes. Casters will no longer be able to equip wands in the ranged slot but will be able to in their main hand.



The Battle of Theramore event is supposed to be live the week before Mists of Pandaria is and at this point I am not holding out much hope for anything particularly epic.  I want it so badly to feel like the Dark Portal opening event,  Ahn’Qiraj event, or the Sunwell event. I have a sneaky suspicion the Battle of Theramore will be equally as lacklustre as the Wrath of the Lich King event or the Cataclysm event.



Blizzard has always been rather unapologetic when it comes to their game. From downtime to nerfs, it has always been their way or the highway but it does feel as if they are ceasing to care about their game and to a degree, us, the community. Or maybe, like the rest of us, Blizzard just feels a bit “meh” about the Mists of Pandaria.


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