WYD Global Interview

Questions by Brian Perry Jr.
Answered by WYD Global

Onrpg: Some players are aware of the sequel to this game, “Supreme Destiny”. Where did it come from in reference to the original WYD?
Basically, Supreme Destiny is not a sequel to With Your Destiny Global. The two games may be similar but actually WYD Global is an international version and caters most players coming from every country around the world. Supreme Destiny on the other hand, is published locally on several countries. WYD Global is published primarily by its developers Hanbitsoft and JoyImpact.

Onrpg: What makes this game different than the others on the market right now?
With Your Destiny Global have a lot of unique features that you don’t often see on other MMORPG. First of all is the game’s Auto Combat system in which the players can actually leave their characters to automatically hunt monsters and eventually level up. This feature is added to the game to prevent the use and download of illegal third party program that can be used to infiltrate the game. This feature also enables all the players to do several things while leaving their characters do the hunting automatically. Also this new feature allows the players to increase their character’s level much faster. With Your Destiny Global provides a nonstop 24 hours online costumer support to all the questions and inquiries of all the players. Players may send all their questions to our GMs and can expect an immediate reply or action within 10 – 20 minutes.
Another feature we have on WYD Global is the variety of events we conduct in order to satisfy all our players desire in the game.

Onrpg: How many classes are there and what does each one do?
With Your Destiny Global have 4 character classes a player can choose from. These are the Transknight, Foema, Beastmaster and Hunter. The abilities and skills of all the characters will depend on the build that you choose. Take note that all the character classes have 3 specific Skill Mastery and 8 skills in every mastery. So players will have the freedom to choose the abilities they want to have depending on their perspective.

The Transknight is the typical melee warrior which has AOE skills that can easily take down even a mob of monsters. Depending on your build, the Transknight can be a tanker dealing massive damage and having high health points and defense by choosing skills from the Trans Mastery. The Transknight can also be a magic user by choosing skills from Magic Sword Mastery. Lastly the Transknight can also use combination of defensive and assistance skills from the Faith Mastery.

The Foema can be a support type character by using healing skills, resurrecting dead party members and inflicting holy damage to enemies and curing status ailments like poison by choosing the skills on White Magic Mastery. The Foema can also inflict massive magical damage to its enemies by using skills on the Black Magic Mastery. The Foema can have a variety of attack and defensive enhancing skills and enabling her to summon party members on the Special Magic Mastery.

The Beastmaster on the other hand, can use elemental magic among its foes and can also enhance his attack and defense in the Element Mastery. The Beastmaster can also summon variety of animals to help him in battle with the skills in the Summon Mastery. Also, using skills on the Nature Mastery will enable the Beastmaster to transform himself into a werewolf, werebear and others to inflict massive damage to all its enemies.

The Hunter is the typical character that can have high evasion and can inflict very massive damage to all its enemies. Her first skill mastery, the Survival Mastery enables her to successfully evade and enhance her defense. The Hunter also has the advantage to items whether by selling or buying with her skills on the Trade Mastery. While learning skills on the Capture Mastery enables her to enhance her evasion and inflict lots of damage to any enemies.

Onrpg: WYD allows you to do something interesting in terms of setting some automatic commands. Will you elaborate on these two game mechanics?
WYD Global has a feature called the Auto Combat System in which players can set their characters to automatically hunt monsters and eventually level up on its own without the need to download illegal third party programs. The Auto Combat system allows you to set 3 Combat Control Mode (C.C Mode) depending on your preference. Using the Auto Combat System allows you to automatically attack or cast magic on the monsters to help you level up faster. You can set the C.C Mode to make your character use Physical Attack, Magic Attacks or automatically use potions or feeds. The potions will be used when you reached a certain percentage of hp (90, 50, 30%). The Auto Combat System also has 3 movement settings the Stationary Hunting, Free Movement Hunting, and the Fixed Range Hunting. On the Stationary hunting, your character will stay on its location and only attack monsters that are closed to him. On the Free Movement hunting, your character will constantly move to its closest target. While on Fixed Range hunting, your character will move to its closest target and will return to its original position.

With Your Destiny Global also provide an Auto Item Looting which allows you to automatically place the items you receive from a monster in your inventory. This system greatly goes along with the Auto Combat System because you will never need to worry about the items that may have dropped from your enemy while you were away from your keyboard.

Onrpg: How will players be entertained when they reach the so called “end game” when they are near the level cap?
WYD Global is currently on its Episode 1 and right now we can see a lot of high level players. But having a character with high level doesn’t mean that the excitement in the game is over. All the players can look forward to new and exciting events and surprises happening to WYD Global. So these high level characters will not loose their interest in the game. In With Your Destiny Global a character that reached its maximum level in mortal class will be able to create a new God Class character. These God Class characters will have to start again in level 1 but they will be much powerful compared to the mortal class because they can now have access to new skills, weapons, armors and even mounts. The information on the God Class characters will be revealed on the later episodes on With Your Destiny Global. For now we are continuously providing the players with new events and surprises that will definitely keep them hooked in the game. Expect to see a lot more events, updates, and surprises in the future.

Onrpg: What sorts of PvP will be available for players to participate in?
First the game provides areas where in Player Killing or PK can be done. Usually, you can always kill other player from your opposing kingdom on these PK Areas.
Next is WYD Global conducts a Guild War every week. On the Guild War, all the guilds battle it out to determine who will be next owner of the towns. A Guild can challenge the current Guild that owns a specific town by placing a bid. The Guild with the highest bid to the challenger Guild will have the chance to go to the Guild War at the end of the week. The Guild that successfully win the Guild War can enjoy benefits like having to take over a specific spot and as well as collecting certain percentage of tax inside the town.

The next PvP System on WYD Global is the Siege War. On the Siege War, the two kingdoms of the game will fight to determine the ruler of the Noatun Castle. This war is massive because all the knights from the two opposing kingdoms can join in the fight. All the Guild Leaders of every guild in the two kingdoms can fight to have the chance to claim the Noatun Castle. The Guild that successfully claimed the castle will enjoy many benefits like having the chance to collect all the taxes on all the towns in the map.

There is also a new PvP system coming on WYD Global which will be called Channel Wars. In this new PvP System players will be able to face all the other players coming from the other servers and collide in one big war. The new PvP System had been finally been developed and is now ready to be implemented in the game. This new PvP System will be released very soon. Also, there are new updates and system being developed on WYD, so expect to see more surprises on the days to come. 

Onrpg: How often can players expect new content to be released?
Players of WYD Global can expect to see different events happening almost every month. These events are carefully planned by our staffs and will surely provide excitement to all our players. Also, we are carefully planning the release of the future episodes of WYD Global. These new episodes of With Your Destiny Global will not be solely dedicated to all the old players but also for the new ones. We will make sure that all new players will never be left behind and will continuously enjoy playing WYD Global.

Onrpg: Will there be any events run on the servers live by the GM staff?
Yes, our GMs really participate in our events just like what we are having right now in the Open Military Academy Event. In this event the goal is to help everyone about their questions inside the game and also having a series of activities that can help them level up faster. Our GMs act as the Guild Leaders of guilds in all the servers. Our GMs are always interacting with the Sub Guild Leaders or Guild Chiefs which are actually in-game operators of WYD Global. These Sub Guild Leaders perform all the activities scheduled every day and constantly monitored by the Guild Leaders which are the GMs.

Onrpg: What class do you personally like to play and why?
Actually, all the character classes have its advantages and unique abilities. But I prefer more to use a Foema because this character can have many options to choose from in terms of skills. A Foema can be a Black Foema dealing massive damage to all enemies with the use of her black magic skills. A Foema can also become a White Foema that can have supportive skills giving you the ability to heal yourself and your party members, resurrect dead party members, cure negative ailments and as well as do holy damage to enemies. Lastly a Foema can also become a Battle Foema, a very deadly melee warrior by having skills that can greatly enhance your attack and defensive capabilities. Try to check all the character classes in With Your Destiny Global and choose the best one that suits you.

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