X Machine Online Review: An Entertaining Battle Royale

X Machine Online Review: An Entertaining Battle Royale
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


X Machine Online (or Robogod Fighter Online in other countries) is a semi-side scrolling MMO beat ’em up game that mixes the elements of button inputs from various fighting games with the traditional dungeon crawler. Although the side-scrolling concept has been pursued by various games like Dragonica Online, X Machine also has its own set of unique features to offer, making it shine along with its game play predecessors. The game is completely story based and provides a long series of story missions, which must be satisfied, for players to FINISH the game. This system was used by games like Guild Wars, but what makes X Machine different from the rest? Let’s find out…


Please Select Your Character!

Unlike other MMOs, X Machine let players pick between different characters who are involved in the X Machine storyline. Each character has his or her unique set of skills, which can be upgraded and leveled as you progress in the game.


Select Char
Select a Character


The other characters are still under development but can be acquired through the item mall once released. You can also do it the hard way by unlocking them through progress, but why bother waiting for something when you can get it right away? Reports also state that there will be some events wherein you can acquire these individuals through the giant slot machine located in the heart of the city (nothing better than free stuff).


Continuous Updates

One thing to be noted about X Machine Online is that players can actually finish the entire game. The system is similar to GuildWars, which leaves players at the mercy of helping newbies and nonstop PVP once done with the story mode. It would’ve been dull if that were the case, but the game promises to provide continuous expansions, catering more quests and story missions for players to enjoy. It’s not really a big issue as missions are not really that easy to begin with and may even take some time to finish. Some of the dungeons can be soloed but note that harder modes mean better gear ;).


Questing – The Power of Instancing

Questing in the game is completely instanced, eradicating the possibilities of killing stealing and other forms of nuisance. It’s a great system since it allows players to concentrate more on the game; however, it’s also a bit sad as you’ll probably miss the persistent world once in a while.

Note: some of the missions also carry a time limit, which is good since nothing is more immersing than the feeling of urgency.


Customize Pet
Get Your Own Pets


Bring Out The Pets

Perhaps one of the best features X Machines has to offer is its awesome pet system. Owning pets is one thing, but allowing players to actually customize and gear up their pets is a rare feature for MMOs to possess. Some pets can also be mounted and carry a unique set of skills that can aid their masters in combat. There are tons of pets in the game so enjoy collecting them :).



What really surprised me about the game are the aesthetic helmets. These are helmets that provide extra style without the need for binding or gear removal. The helmets were actually taken from various anime characters, so don’t be surprised if you see Naruto or Kakashi strolling around. Need more mech in your MMO life? Grab a Gundam headgear! It’s a good thing they managed to put in some features that are dead brainless but enjoyable for players. In most MMOs, players must remove a part of their gear to wear stylish stuff. It’s good to see that X Machine is not about to make the same mistake.


X Machines Cameo



Aside from the interactive storyline and immersing adventures, the game also contains cut scenes that present as you progress in the game. What makes this game different from the rest is its ability to present the awesome storyline without having its players brush through a bunch of words like a digital book; instead, the game caters a series of awesome cut scenes, making it more satisfying for players who have progressed far.


Battle Royale

Since when has being the best been this good? Introducing X Machine’s rendition of the Royal Rumble! One thing that should be noted is that the winner of these events will KEEP getting bonus stats until that player loses his/her title. This game mode revolves around the traditional frag system, which crowns the player with the highest kill score— champion. 50 players, one thing… are you ready?


Story Mode


Graphics And Sounds

X Machines is about epic fights mixed with rock music. The graphics aren’t really that new and provide less texture, but it does make the best of its outdated elements. The lighting effects are just awesome, with cell-shaded anime models that execute different moves that are sure to satisfy fighting game enthusiasts everywhere. The music is absolutely awesome with a set of guitar riffs similar to games like MegamanX and Guilty Gear; however, the in game tunes lack variety. This means you’ll be hearing the same neo-classical play list over and over again. It’s not really that much of a problem since you can just turn on your media player.



The game is pretty solid in my opinion. Awesome music, extremely fun game play, what more could you ask for? The best part about the game is its storytelling feature, which presents itself in various formats like quests and cut scenes. The game’s PVP mode is excellent, mixing the traditional MMO game play with flashy fighting game elements, creating a rumble of epic proportions. The game does need a few graphical tweaks and extra soundtracks but heck, at least this game has substance. Highly recommended! Go play it!


– Instances
– Cut-scenes
– Story Modes
– Tons of Characters


– You’ll miss the persistent territories
– Graphics are outdated
– Lacks music
– A bit buggy.

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