YS Online Europe Review: It’s Over 9000!

YS Online Europe Review: It’s Over 9000!
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


We have been informed that this game is no-longer operational.


Ys Online is a free to play Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) , which is based on the Japanese view of an RPG fantasy world (anime-ish). You’ll find a lot of interesting humanoids commonly found in Japanese anime as well, whether it is cat women, well-endowed beauties, or cute “chibified” Lolitas, you’re bound to find them here. The story is pretty much your average “peace and war” MMO cliché where 3 races who have been living in peace for so long end up fighting in an all out battle for Supremacy. Not that I blame them or anything since it IS the easiest plot to formulate. Yes, these stories are rather generic and  you’ll often find them in most MMOs.


As much as I would like to expand the story, I’m very sorry to say that the story just isn’t narrated very well, and that the player actually needs to read the notes on the site to understand the situation at hand. Don’t judge the game too quickly by the way as it is commonly played around the world, reaching an insurmountable number of subscribers who love and play the game as it is. The game does have a lot of things going for it, so let’s dive in and see how well it does shall we?


Character Creation DUN DUNN DUNNNNNN!

Whoah, truth be told, I have never seen a character creation interface as awesome as this one. You’ll be taken to an ancient hall where you must highlight a statue to see its true form. This is the gender and race feature where you must choose your preferred character in order to move on. After choosing your character’s archetype (namely: fighter or mage), it’s time to add the finishing touch by customizing your character’s looks and features to further define your individuality.


Ys Online Characters
Ys Online Character Creation


Ah! Not again

Yes, unfortunately the game suffers from your everyday Asian MMO class sickness. This isn’t such a bad thing to begin with since players will have a great time trying out the different classes. It would be easier however if they just named their classes appropriately. Yes, this is the Asian MMO sickness, and I’m not racist cause I’m Asian as well LOL.  Although what we have here is just a bunch of renamed classes, it wouldn’t hurt to actually give them better names (I mean a Nighthawk and Witchdoctor class definitely sounds better than Warrior or Warlock right?). Anyway, each race has 4 classes to further define your character’s game play, and since each race has its own set of classes, you’re bound to go through some extensive brainstorms trying them all out.


Ys Online Docks
What class is this?


Oh noes! You activated my trap card!

Perhaps one of the most unique features this game has to offer is the Card system. No I don’t mean TCG/CCG (although it could be). Cards are the elements that complete your character’s build, giving them massive damage, extra professions or even skills in the long run. Cards can be acquired from shops but if you’re after the good ones, farming on monsters and bosses may be a good idea. Cards can be traded with other players just like a normal TCG/CCG, making the economy a bit different from other games. In my opinion, it’s a good idea as it makes it easier to help other people in the game (not to mention a lot of cash). Other cards can also give you the power to craft awesome items, instant spells, and even resurrect you from the grave. Simply awesome!


Ys Online Boss Fight
Ys Online Combat


Create and buff

The game has a lot of features for  characters to evolve faster. Not only can you create items, but enchant them as well. Some items and enchants can also be found in cards so try to keep an eye out.



Introducing the instant dungeons! This feature is comparable to RF Online’s dungeon keys which takes players into an instant dungeon for a make or break experience fest. If your party dies, you are required to get another key to start over. A bit of a hassle but it’s really challenging. Each dungeon has its own perks and demands massive teamwork for players to finish. When you step on the dungeon floors, it’s up to you to help your party formulate a strategy to destroy the bosses in the instance. It’s “make or break” folks, so don’t be a scrub, start working together. There are loads of dungeons in the game corresponding to a player’s level so there’s so much more to expect than a 10 man level 40 dungeon.


Ys Online Boss Fight
Ys Online Boss Fight


The Graphics and Sounds

Superb would be the only way to describe it. The characters are so crispy that the details really shine from a distance. The armor sets in the game look extremely cool, probably enough to catch your eye when a highbie comes by to say hi. The background is broad and diverse, complementing the characters as they blend with their environment. The sounds are pretty nice as well, giving you the feeling that you’re not just running a game with your media player enabled. Perhaps the developers are whom we should thank for the awesome harmony between the elements.


Item mall?

Yes, the game does have an item mall; then again, what Free to play MMO doesn’t? The item mall isn’t really something that can turn you into the tier whore of the century since it doesn’t give weird items like a “+9000 attack for people who can afford it potion”. Sorry guys, it’s not OVER 9000!!!! 😛


Ys Online Gloves
Special Items


The verdict

MMOs are getting better and better as time passes by. You can’t really say that you’ve played the best ones until you try every new MMO out there. The game has a lot of subscribers and my God now I know why. The game is awesome as it is, with tons of features or at least tons of repetitive features that have enough of a charm to them that doesn’t make it feel repetitive (did I explain that well?). If I must say something about this game…. IT’S OVER 9000!!!


The good:
– Totally unique
– Tons of classes
– Good character customization
– Instances
– Excellent graphics and sounds.


The bad:
– Dungeon keys disappear after you fail? Ouch
– Needs to explain a class further as the name doesn’t quite bode well with the archetype.
– Needs to somehow put the storyline inside the game and not on the site.

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