’83 Announced as Tactical FPS from Antimatter Games

Antimatter Games, developers of the Rising Storm series have officially announced their next tactical first-person shooter: ’83. Described as ‘Cold War Gone Hot’, it is set in an alternate 1983, where the conflict between NATO and members of the Warsaw Pact have really heated up. ’83 is an online first-person shooter in the same genre of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam and will focus on the realism and authenticity that other games from Antimatter are known for.

’83 will also feature ‘Persistent Warfare’. Everything from kills to captures will be tracked and recorded, feeding results back into the larger status of the war. This will create a way to see just what kind of impact you and your side are having on the war at large.

Rich Barham, Executive Producer for ’83 said today: “Everyone at Antimatter Games is extremely excited about the project. ‘83 gives us the opportunity to push the boundaries of what we have done before, all in a new and under-explored period of world history, while expanding on the things which have made our previous games so popular.”

Sturt Jeffery, Lead Designer on the project describes persistent warfare as: “A way to give all players a meaningful opportunity to contribute to the war effort, and one which drives the ongoing development of content in line with the player-driven narrative of the war. We’re also planning some interesting ways for prominent players to achieve recognition above and beyond the usual in-game items, achievements and titles previously experienced in similar games.”

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