Abbey Games Reveals First Glimpse of Their Upcoming ‘Godhood’ Game

Dutch developer Abbey Games revealed a new strategy god game, Godhood, and it is set to appear on PC in 2019. The first details have been revealed, and it takes place in a primal world where players are taking the role of a newborn deity. In Godhood, players create their own religion by tending to their flock of disciples as a young god. Set in ancient lands and viewed from an isometric perspective, the player’s followers cannot be directly controlled but are influenced by the choices and direction of their god. From selecting different virtues and vices to building monuments and nurturing powerful prophets, the options available to newborn gods, to shape and lead, are plentiful. Players can challenge other deities to ritual combat since there is never everlasting peace between religions.

Features of Godhood:

● Create your religion: Godhood lets players create the religion they wish to propagate. Will the players priests keep the peace by giving human sacrifice to the sun or run around as lustful vegetarian barbarians? Creation is up to the player, and using these + many other options will set the course for what type of deity they want to be.

● Guide your disciples: Players define what is important for their followers, selecting virtues and vices, which guide them in how they live and what rituals they undertake. Through guidance, help disciples rise to become powerful prophets who train future generations and carry the religion forward throughout the ages.

 Literally play god: As a god, influence is imparted through the use of a wide range of abilities and powers. Rather than having direct control over them, disciples react to the actions of their god and act of their own accord. Deciding what rituals to enact or which monument to build is key to a prosperous society and devoted following.

 Ritual combat: Other deities and religions battle for power and influence, leading to ritual combat with opposing gods. Known as ‘Sacraments’, players’ followers will need to prove their worth through the use of awe, persuasion, and brute force.

● Colourful art style: Charming visuals with bright, hand-drawn qualities depict the new and unknown world of Godhood with a lush, isometric perspective.

● Replayability: Powered by a deep simulation system, Godhood allows players to experiment with dozens of different religious combinations unlocking new secrets as they progress along the main storyline filled with battles, rituals, and challenging side quests.

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