Aeria Games’ Official Sword Art Online Teaser Trailer

Aeria Games and Gamepot are teaming up to finally bring us Sword Art Online the MMO!

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  • MLGMrOakley

    trolling… done right XD


    do you have to wear a game helment for this game loved the anime SO MUCH

    • Connor Pratt

      sure do hope so like how the show it

      • deathstar585

        for some reason after watching the anime for a second time I dont feel to cozy with the idea of wearing the helmet lol

        • Ben Dean

          but its a helmet youl be okay XD

    • soloplyrJP

      I’m also asking for the same question

  • jezzi

    is it in english???

    • soloplyrJP

      I hope so

  • Vre Scarlet

    i think its a joke

  • Vre Scarlet

    i mean ive been a member of aeriagames since it came out
    and it was suppose to comeout like 2 months ago

    • soloplyrJP

      yeah I’ve checked the aeria’s official website but it’s not there



  • Ispyer

    I’m playing the PSP Game, this is the first fight, the tutorial against HeathCliff. You can see the Virus from the game taking over, plus, since I just started the game, the fight is fresh in my mind, this is fake, though I truly wish it was real.

  • Fighter

    is there a sword art online game?

    • soloplyrJP

      yes, SAO
      eternal world

  • Onlycommentonce

    We better have to wear the helmet if we play this game and use the hydra’s as the attack thing like zelda for the wii

  • RealitySmoke

    this is coming out for xbox 720 and ps5

    • Connor Pratt

      its Xbox ONE

      • Monkey D. Luffy

        xbox 2 and ps5

  • aquaholic808

    If they make a helmet for this game like the anime I guess its gonna be like the real life version of the anime. We play the game next thing you know we can’t log out. Hey I wouldn’t mind if I got stuck in the game. I just hope no one in the real world disconnects me.

    • LoneVVolf1209

      Well There is something like the helmet. Its actually just goggles but it looks badass. It’s called “Oculus Rift”. :DD Really Really badass

      • ASmashingGent

        theres also one VR controller that looks extremely similar to the NerveGear, but it is under development and is basically a girls’ hairband with 16 electronic sensors coming off of it.

        • Romaka Ichiban’Vilneta

          It’s Oculus Rift and you’re completely wrong about it. xD

        • CZGC

          yup I saw that too the one that sugu used in the


            Its on the anime too. :DD

        • oh my gosh plug one of those in with an oculus rift=mind blown

          • Won’t matter, the nervegear in SAO does more than just use the Brain for input for a video game. It replaces the players senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell) with those of the game worlds, the player is basically disconnected from reality. We are no where near that level of technology, way off, need to figure out how the Brain works far more than we do now before we will ever be able to create entertainment technology with that level of interactivity with the body, and then it will likely require surgical implants. The brain operates at very very very faint signals, your skin is a natural insulator and would block signals that weak. Also some of the Brain mechanisms are bio-chemical and couldn’t be influenced externally without implants.

            The Oculus Rift will provide 3D immersive video to your eyes in the right format for it to feel more real. The head band controller would allow you to do minimal actions within a game, maybe the equivalent of pressing buttons, it would unlikely give you the range of control to match what we do with our hands and bodies when we move.

            True VR, 100% like in the Matrix or SAO is decades away not because computers are not powerful enough, but because our understanding of the human body and how to interface with it is the limiting factor. For now Oculus Rift (VR Head Mounted Displays) with controllers like the Hydra Razer and gamepads are likely the most effective setup.

          • DoyouevenSAObro

            LOGIC XD

      • HASEO

        yeah but the “Oculus Rift” is more of a dot hack thing where you move wile you play, the nerv gear is more of a nervous virtual transmitter that puts you to sleep

        • car1188

          great sleep and play video games that would be like a dream but epic

          • dzaster

            hey guys now an update there is new teck out now that sends a light straight on to your retina

            and also there was some1 in the usa did was one person took control of another person arm across campus over the web
            and also there is a head gear that uses brain waves to communicate with computer though this only has a few commands at present but there working on it we will see this teck sooner than u think i am 30 now so plz before i die thx

          • TagtheCat

            Were getting close, Thank you dzaster for your information

          • Besco

            no we’re not. Shut up and actually apply your brain for a fucking millisecond.

          • HAHAHHA

            Your stupid as hell.

          • d


          • gamefan101

            ty for telling me that… if im the same age kirito was by the time this comes out im gonna feel like a total boss XD

          • ImTheBacon

            You’d have to be born somewhere in May of 2009

          • John Ellis

            no you dont they already have tech being devoloped should be out in 2030

          • John Ellis

            should be in 2030 when it comes out

          • Ardent45

            Yeah I will like Sleep while Playing SAO and when I want to wake up (I Hope there’s a watch in the game) I just Log Out.

          • The Anime Fan

            that would be like dreaming the game while sleeping…but at the same time feeling awake the entire day without the feeling of fatigue or tiredness of the eyes and body ๐Ÿ™‚

          • blah blah

            But people had to sleep in game and your brain is working so you never actually rest which is why in the alfheim series they logged out to go to sleep

          • The Anime Fan

            really?….well, ok then

          • The Anime Fan

            No, actually…it’s still the same as sleeping…
            did you know that the mind is more active when it is dreaming or sleeping than it is awake. try to look it up.
            but maybe I could be wrong. the things on how the headgear works is still unclear in our world or in short “reality”…It will still need some intense research from both professional engineers, scientists, and programmers to fully understand it’s concept…it’s a future tech afterall.
            and my theory(I do have evidences to support for it to be called “theory” after all) is that “A person is on a sleeping-like state when he/she is using the head gear”. that “sleeping-like state” is somewhat called “Half a sleep”…
            maybe when that person is using the head gear he/she is only “half a sleep” and in order to be fully asleep is to sleep IG or sleep in reality. certain processes in the liver would not occur like regulating of our hormones or repairing of our tissues while asleep because that person in not fully asleep.

          • Anime Guy

            And Braaa Iss More Dann Dat The NervGear Is Used To Help People To In Season Two Akihiko Kayaba Made A Special NervGear To Help People With The Worst Virus Off All Earth And You Now What it Is Not Swing Bicuss It Reminds Me Of Yuki

          • Carter

            There are two zones in the mind one of them is used while you sleep. When sleeping your mind goes into a dormant state which allows rest while your subconscious takes over. Where as while inside a VRMMO you are actively using all functions of the brain. A good example is this; when you are dreaming you cannot actively change the series of events that transpire whereas when you are in the VRMMO you can access the full interface via your mind. The difference is when you enter the VRMMO you are simply rerouting your nervous system to the console. You are very much awake inside the game.

          • Mr. PsYcHoTiC-Senpai~

            ahhh….i get it…you’re awake but your nervous system is reconnected to the amusphere even the eyes which makes the rest of the body unfunctional….

          • Mr. PsYcHoTiC-Senpai~

            that’s why you need to sleep in the game to lose fatigue not just in the game but also in the real body’s brain…but the rest of your body is pretty much in a rest state the whole time except the brain…

          • Carter

            Thats false. I am one of the researchers on the idea of Nerve Gear and let me tell you this. When you are in the realm provided by nerve gear your mind will be very much awake you will gain fatigue through playing and you will need sleep away from it. VRMMO’s will not be a solution to an endless day.

          • John Ellis

            theres sleep then theres rested sleep i just sleep i never get rested sleep so im always fatigued so id be on this shit 24 hours

          • someoneyoudon’tknow

            1/2 prince…..second Life…. the dream is now a book

          • Nerp47

            lol i’m with you

        • Lamar Muster

          I prefer .hack over SWA

          • nutSACK

            i agree with Lamar!! .hack all the way bro!

          • ThePhantom Menace

            As a .Hack fan, I’m offended by this….

          • Talek01

            .Hack is a tragic event based on a game that already existed. SAO is a revolutionized game for “nerve gear” which (sorry to tell you guys) wont be possible in our lifetime. Yes we can send signals via nerve, but we cant receive them. If we did, not only would a tool cost so much, but to supply 10k people per server and have such a complicated AI/map/size ratios would be expensive game, like paying 200$ a month or more. being able to not log out can make you “stuck” (that would be really easy actually) in the game, but not our physical self. There are so many inspections when new inventions come out that some would ask “having a microwave technology near the brain can cause severe damage”. It would be very difficult to immolate a game like SAO, but what I am trying to say is actually “dying” in a game purposely fries your brain is more/less a crime on the company who made it while .Hack is very complex data manipulation and a very tragic event. Granted I am a fan of both series and I play .hack//GU, and both of which I loved, but give the gaming industry a break, it is very difficult to make such a game.

          • Itsigu

            Actually this will be possible in our life time (i say between 2020 – 2030). and im not just saying this because this is the time that SAO took place almost all the best scientist and enginieers say that it will be ready by then. maybe not fully realized but a prototype.

          • Dark Edges9o8


          • Carter

            Please keep your stupidity to yourself. We can receive signal via nerve. the problem comes in how to tap into it wireless. Even then we are close to solving that solution. If I were to guess I would say nerve gear will be reality in the next 2 years. and it will be public in the next 4-5.

        • bloodcrossed1

          you obviously have no idea what you are talking about

          • my mom

            i will be 1 year old then kirito whan 2017 comes ( SAO relese according to anime)

          • TaskmasterNV

            Ummmmmm….. In the anime, it was 2022 when it came out

          • KeiichiKousaka

            That sucks… If it does come out at 2022 I’ll be 21… qwq However, the nerve gear will not come out until we study neurology more… owo

          • Kirito-Kun

            so your 13 huh?

          • nathan

            I’ll be 24

          • Kropper

            Hey man, you say it will suck if you’re 21 if it does come out, but you have to remember, how old was Agil (or however you spelt his name “The black guy”) when he was in the game? The guy looked above 20 to me and he was still badass all the way to floor 75, sometimes us old people can still have fun with games too haha.

          • Uroswaakak

            why does it have to be year 2022

          • Dark Edges9o8


          • marloncaruz

            no one know..

        • SwordArtOnlineFanXoXo

          LOL TRUE

        • Henrex

          The Nerve Gear actually doesn’t put to SLEEP. It sort of takes your consciousness and put it in your avatar’s mind, so you control him/her COMPLETELY. It puts your body in a sleep-like state. But seeing that in the Anime, Kirito’s body is in a shriveled state, because he ate and drank NOTHING in the real world for 2 years, so the Nerve Gear would have to transfer your entire consciousness, including parts of your mind, including the parts that make memories, and the nerves in your body that make your 5 senses, so that your hunger and thirst could be quenched in the virtual world, so you don’t die in real life because of vital needs if the logout feature was removed.. I could go on and on, but i’m going to stop for now. This is all very nerdy and i thought ALL of this out in my head.

      • OCOT BULU

        tinggi na khayalan ang kawan

      • w22d

        the trailer is a mix of oculus rift and sword art online psp game footage

      • Besco

        The Oculus Rift is NOTHING like the “NervGear”. The Oculus rigt uses a gyroscope to track head motions and that’s it. The NervGear emits signals into the neurons in your brain to disable your motor functions and also stimulate the senses of your body based on In-Game activities such as smell, touch, taste, sight and hearing. The big difference here being that The Oculus Rift doesn’t give you anything other than a first-person view of what the Character is seeing where as the NerveGear is a “complete immersion system” meaning that everything that you would feel outside of the game is felt inside of the game to put it in dumb terms.

    • JViper

      do we really have to move to play the game

    • kat

      ya that’s right

    • Charles Webster

      from what the trailer shows what would be even better is the be your own character that instead of playing the main charter from the anime he is like a person u go talk to fore quests and complete character customization would be awesome. also give it till 2022 well have the helmet from the anime by then ^_^

      • Ben Dean

        yea becaus of the name of teh game “sword art online” {ONLINE} doesnt that mean every player is on server and walk around that would mean there would be 80 Twins in one town XD

        • Charles Webster

          maybe make it have a single player where u do play as the main character and progress through the game like the anime and have the online mmo part be your own character’s progression as like a side character or its the story after the anime.

    • Jonah Thomas

      well u have a point. actually the game wasn’t that deadly from the start the game had safe zones in it. going out meant danger but hey im with u on that statement. im sure the helmet is exactly like the one in SAO if it is im going to tell my parents i love them and write a note stating not to touch me at all and i may be stuck in a video game and i would die if the helmet come off. but im scard that they shouldn’t believe me and kill because of their stupidity i hope this is truely real. because i swear i will save up every penny for this. also
      they shouldve made it like the show where u create your own character with different looks and not us playing the main character in SAO. kirito should be a wondering npc u can bring with u on missions.

      • So true. Surely I’m not the only SAO fan that has drawn themselves as an avatar for the game. You could choose stuff like face, height, clothes, hair, skin, and so on. I’d play that game at least twice a week!

        • Brutus Grahnd

          I’d play that game until I died, twice a weak? Nahh not enough ๐Ÿ™‚

          • cueball88

            lol id play all day long except when i get off to use the bathroom and eat and keep up my hygiene lol

        • Jonah Thomas

          to make the game more difficult….after level 20 if u die u lose everything O.O got to start over from the shitty lvls u started off with…WITHOUT HELP FROM ITEM QUEST AT LOWER LEVELS…tip just have storage slave keep your sht lol

      • Travis

        get a house for yourself

      • Not going out meant possibly never getting out of the game. What if all the front line players died, they were likely the best players, the rest would be stuck in the game. In the real world their bodies were deteriorating over time, loosing muscle mass, not moving on their own. In some cases people can be kept alive for decades when they are in coma’s but require constant medical attention, and can die from infections from bed sores. Not going out and trying to clear the game would just mean dying after a few years in the real world.

        • Jonah Thomas

          yeah that is a thing huh. if you read this book called “epic” by a guy named connor “something” i forgot his last name, but his book is very great. it is a must read for sao fans, and the only thing i can say is that it is not an anime related book.

    • michael

      or if you die you die in real life haha

      • Swivelz

        If in real life you died then would your avatar just explode into sparkly confetti or would you just never wake up??

    • bobyfreedjo

      i agree i love the anime iwish i was in it

    • SpartanX526

      Hey they already made the nerve gear. It is in Japan only but you can get it and change the language to English. It is so easy to get.

      • gamefan101

        if your serious can you send me a link?

      • Charles Webster

        its a start i see in the coming years, around 2022 maybe the nerve gear shown will function just like in the anime

    • i would i die in three days if i couldnt log out. id survive in the game but i have medical problems and have to take medication to survive

    • Jonah Thomas

      if u like nerve gear read the book called “epic” by conor kostick very wonderful book imo.

    • Andersen3004

      The technology for this will be available to the public and affordable in 15 – 20 years

    • SwordArtOnlineFanXoXo

      They did make a helmet thingy for dis something like an optimus rift or something like that and u can take it off xoxo

    • Michael

      If someone were to Make a helmet like that, I’m sure there would be some sort of complete power release that drops the batteries from their container.

    • gamergirl

      it looks like you end up playing AS kirito instead of your own character…..I was hoping to be my own character don’t get me wrong kirito is awesome but….i wanna be my own character

    • Miyafuji

      Neurowear (Necomimi and other brainwave funsies) and Oculus (Rift VR) should team up to do something like this

      • dylanm

        oculus is making a SAO game look it up it looks awesome

    • theanimedoctor

      i agree

    • therealkatieg

      by the way aquaholic808 if u did get stuck in the game no one would be able to pull u out cause you’d die. Its in the first episode (not trying to sound like a hater/troll)

      • therealkatieg

        whoops didn’t read the no one part

    • Anime Pryo

      Me too I love to live there!!!! I a Gamer for live!!!!!!

    • Alvin Ryan Iraola


    • nathan

      same here I worry about power outages and the medical bill my family might disconnect me but I would be down

    • LucyScarlet

      If the Nervgear comes out in 2022 and the first game was SAO I would be about Kirito or Asunas age.

      • OmAxUltra

        i will probaly be 18 or 17

    • Epic Train

      Problem is that everyone’s not anime and are gonna look ugly

    • Jonathan Ryan

      same here, it sounds weird but i would like the challenge and wouldnt mind getting stuck in that game. Plus did you see Kirito when he got out, easy weight loss.

  • kirigaya

    This is a PSP game

  • Hikarih

    can’t wait for this game! I play the old republic so I’m used to swinging a sword around!

  • madddddddd

    this game would be god of games and true heart gamers if its compatable with oclous rift :3

  • MeanMarine131

    Make an english version of this! Please!

  • Klein

    If the really were to make this happen, The could have been rich -.-


    Why not except making it a game where you can play with the characters and make it SAO a actually MMO XD OMFG I wouldnt forgot what life is right there,

  • faggot

    most stupid shit ever i hope area games sued them

  • Blackcat1300

    i clicked play now for sword art online and it lead me to youtube where it was playing rick roll

  • CoD FLaMe

    well im confused should I or shouldn’t I play

  • A Brave Soul

    i would play this even if i died for real i would at lest died doing some thing i liked ๐Ÿ™‚ But i would never sit down and die i would alwasy fight back ๐Ÿ˜€ til mu last breath >:D

    • Jadser

      I know right

    • darknight

      heh like kirito did in ehm SPOILER—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-last SAO episode befor the ALO arc like with the dev how he ehm came back

  • DerpAHerpMan

    Looks awesome, but.. Do we have to have it in Japanese?

    • Arbitrex

      I imagine that since it is an MMO it will be available in all languages.

  • BWAH


  • Easily fooled

    The video is of the psp game for SAO



  • roro


  • hsfksdjc

    so you play as the main characters like in the anime and manga? you cant make your own character and stuff??

  • Derp

    Dont tell me its in japanese! ๐Ÿ™

    • Link

      Even if it’s in Japanese I would still get it.

      • Jeremy Kun

        Yeah right .. still fun !

      • Kazu


  • RyuukuQQ

    It’s infinty moments.

  • someoone

    wait will it be in the oculus oh baby wait will it be 3rd person?

  • Johhan

    I Will Play SAO If They Will Make A NerveGear When My Character Die
    I Will Die In The Real World Like Kirito And Asuna

    • Asuna Yuki

      Yeah, that’s how I want it. It just wouldn’t be right for me if it didn’t

    • Andrizen

      yeah i know but that should be impossible i dont know why nobody didn’t do a game like that… technology is increasing, it should be possible on the future, i am sad because it might be in a long future ;s
      and that kind of technology can be a dangerous for cerbrain problems etc…
      if someone like to talk about SAO add me on skype eheh andrefcastro1@hotmail,com … if knwo how to play this game or any SAO game tell me please

  • Jolezmar

    Just so everyone knows the helmets work in the anime is by blocking and manipulating the sensors in your brain. I love the concept but in reality is scares the hell out of me. What happens if the helmet glitches?! Or is someone puts a virus in the game and it affects your mind?! ITS A WHOLE NEW WORLD COMING TO GET US PEOPLE!

  • bryan234

    how to play this game sir?

  • dominique

    this is a really good idea and the wrong move can piss a lot of people off and lose a lot of money. I think you should really take the time out and map out this idea. so you don’t miss this up. if you would like know a little more just email me at and I can give more details I have a plan. i am a talented idealist and have a passion for gaming also I have an idea on how this mmo could stand out and bring in income for the companies. also I am a huge fan of sword art online I hate to see this game suck. this game if done right will be a 11 out of 10 so please contact my email and don’t shrew this up.

    • Helper

      This was the single most stupid thing ive seen in my life. If u are alla th a t u claik to be, please be a little brighter in the future and dont try to connect with company’s and etc on a commentarysection undan a video. Oh, and by the way. You should get yourself a more serious E-mail if u plan to use it for…eh.. Job hunting? Or leta try it easier for u…”writing in commentarysection for jobs”
      Atleast do that, so that if someone sees. (Witch they never will) they wont decline it directly because of your email address that was thought up by a twelve year old. Good day sir!

      • Brutus Grahnd

        Dont try to be smart when you cant even spell simple words. ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a NICE day. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • benjamin

    i like the idea being stuck in the game, too. and i wouldnt mind if they would scan ur body so u actually are ur real self.

  • ramdom

    they could make it for kinect then give a helmet that has a screen for the front

  • Agil

    Do we have to play story mode, I mean there are so many things that didn’t cover in the story, I mean It looks fantastic, but I’d sorta like something with the MMO feel, something sorta like WOW. (Emphasis on sorta)

  • Asuna Yuuki

    i really wish that they would make a helmet and everything so we could play it! It would be cool to get stuck in it as long as no one disconnects me from it. Which I Know That They Would!

  • Kugrey Mon

    If there is a nerve gear in the future,i will buy it and hoping i will get stuck in it.Dying in game perhaps would make more sense to me then dying of old age here

  • Aquars

    dat is psp

  • Grimlock

    I really hope they eventually make a nervegear type thing (obiously without the evil gamemaster wanting to trap us in his game) and put this on it…

    • bloodcrossed1

      akihiko kayaba is not a bad person

      • Brutus Grahnd

        I agree kayaba wasnt the bad person, but Sugou was horrible and he was going to rape all of our girlfriends! (i know i’m not the only one that loved asuna like kirito did! lol)

        • Rahb


      • Swivelz

        ya. he just has mental issues

      • Charles Webster

        no he is not, his goal was to live in a world where the natural law and society didn’t matter. People could live in a world designed as a game and do the things the couldn’t in the real world. Given the chance i would live in that world but i would want to take someone with me to share the experience with.

  • anime society

    well this is so awsome some folks say’s “this is an idiotic thing to play” you know what will happen right?

    • Shorty McShortShort

      I know exactly what happens…. the idiots saying that eventually play

  • Teito

    there is iwear as well but is just another item not so good like the helm from anime

  • Alexe

    oculusrift is nothing compared to the nervgear! oculusrift is not accurate and is based on your head movements we need something to keep the body from moving and all the animation is in the mind while your body sleeps! this is the whold point of the nerv gear dont even compare it to the oculusrift

  • Great Troll Bro, NOT

    Great troll bro, but it is the worst fake I’ve ever seen, work a little harder and maybe you’ll convince someone.

  • rafasasu


  • Tsukuyomi Aikira

    omg if we could get nerv gear like in the anime and play the game that would be so epic! I mean, to just play Sword Art Online everyday until the game was cleared would be the best!

  • Snoopy Snoop

    guys, this is just the japanese PSP Version, not on computer and not in english

  • SAOFan

    i wannanannananananana pallappalsdplapsdflaplylypaylapyl i wanna play……

  • SilverCraneGaming

    A game like this to come true would be a dream come true for me. The only things this game would have to think about are the players as in character creation and player progression as in skills like in the anime. Btw I literally act like i have two sword, a jacket with a hood, and Ninja Assassin like. If Sword Art Online: The Game becomes a thing. I would record videos of it right away.

  • Asunito

    If they created nerve gear and this game (without evil mastermind) almost everyone would make their character look like Kirito.

    • kayaba

      thats why the creators make you look like the real world you

  • Reality Check

    Am I the only one who sees this is a PSP game not a PC game. Sorry guys but totally fake. This is SAO Infinity moment for PSP.

  • Speaker of Truth


  • TheLegendaryOtaku

    looks just like a rpg not a mmorpg because if u play as kirito thare will be multiple kirito

  • Jadser

    Hopefully theirs an option to be able to use just PC controls and not having to buy the gear.

    • Jadser

      If only this wasn’t a troll humphhhhhhh

  • TriggerHappyZX

    If i die in a game. Worth it. Why do I think that? Real life can suck my joystick.

  • Rezel Frecss

    is this true or what make this real

  • carl


  • Monsterglaxer

    does it have to be in japenease or will it ask us what language we
    speak would really suck to have to learn a new language to play a game

  • Ayrton Obrohta

    Well i think the name of that gaming system was the “oculus rift” or something. i saw a trailer for the thing and BOY DID IT LOOK FREAKING AWESOME. its like your literally in the game. depending on where you look the camera angle. i think this is going to be one awesome game.

  • Goldstride

    saw the oculus rift, guess what my first thought was

  • Fuzakenna

    isnt it the PS Vita game and nerv gear they’re showing is the new oculus machine?

  • Christi Dormehl

    Sometimes I wish I was in Sword Art Online even if I got stuck in the game it could be fun

  • Yacob Shawrzt

    If someone doesn’t make this game then someone is going get molested like Asuma in the second game…and the creator of SAO will get his hands cut off then get bitch-slapped by them…wait then he couldn’t make anymore SAO…ok that’ll happen after SAO is over.

  • Brysan Hardy


  • Alex

    can you make your own character or are you kirito

    • GoldTANK99

      You can create your own character but the game will rececnise you as Kirito

  • Javi Guerrero

    This game is for PSP no PC and is name is Sword Art Online infinity moment

  • Eren uyar!rYifV

    guyz we are gonna play with these omfg omg omg omg!:D

  • why

    why when i click in play now the song of rick astley (never gonna give you up) appears :N

  • Ravenspire

    where can i get this game? TELL ME 0.0

  • GMGodz

    Oculus Rift!


    April’s fool started to become annoying when it comes to things like that.

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    this game would be so great you could pvp,guild war, Make your own combo,Chatatar etc Hope this game comes out well

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    Well you can tell this is fake. First of all, if you look at the very top where it says “Aeria Games and “Gamepot” are teaming up to finally bring us Sword Art Online the MMO!” They misspelled Gamespot for starters AND there is a PSP game released in Japan already for SAO. This is that game and they just stole the footage from that. As for the the “virtual helmet” its just taking scenes of someone using the Oculus Rift goggles. Sad that they have to get our hopes up just to troll..I really would love a REAL Sword Art Online game for all players to play all across the world. That would be truly amazing..

  • DiamondStar

    I wish they could make the helmet

    • GoldTANK99

      They have made the helmet, just type up NerveGear in google images

  • kiro428

    it is a lie that won’t happen music’s from the TV program it is fake
    and the oculus rift makes you feel very very ill i used it on mine craft

  • kiro428

    my life dream is to make a game like sword art online but not quite like it

  • Alfons

    This seems soooooo AWESOME!!! But I hope it isn’t one of those games where you won’t do anything but the game does it for you. I hope you aren’t OP but that you’re your own character with your own story, and that you have to work hard to get what you want!

  • cameron

    same hear aquaholic808

  • Saleh99er

    The game looks awesome. I will learn Japanese to play this game if they don’t make an English version. Really looks like Oculus rift. I hope it controls like the anime where u only need to think and turn ur head to turn.

  • flareshift
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    download pa ito?

  • Infiniteeverlasting

    Why is sega not making this instead? Just look at how shitty aura kingdom is, the “action” is not even true action, especially the ” entering combat mode” shit and click to move. PSO2 is the king of true anime action with superior graphics, everyone here should check out pso2 gameplay and you’ll be amazed at how fluid the fast paced action is, all WASD movement and is not pay to win in any way possible, costumes are all pure cosmetics with no stat boosts, so you can look as cool as you want without spending real money (it doesn’t even take much in game money to buy even the best looking costumes, and don’t get me wrong here, new costumes and accessories are released pretty much bi weekly, and the character design is SUPER DETAILED in a 100% anime style, everyone looks different in pso2 unlike in shitty aura kingdom. AND NEXT MONTH ATTACK ON TITAN IS DOING A CROSSOVER WITH PSO2!!! That’s how popular it is in japan, in the past pso2 has done crossovers with FATE ZERO AND HATSUNE MIKU!!! Check out pso2 and ditch this aeria game shit.

    • Jacob Yu

      thumbs down for u.. for calling this SHIT BEOTCH

  • Jessebobo

    I watched the trailer and started crying I’ve wished this would happen since the Japanese version of the anime ended but in liter talk is this real and if so is it pc?

  • Jessebobo

    It’s not a rickroll, Just not done those where – before release videos.

  • yuval5829

    i dont want to make u guys sad but this game is not coming to the “oculus rift” it all ready came out for psp and it’s really bad game(trust me i love the anime and almost cry becuse of the game)

  • Selin Orihara

    I want to have it exactly like in the Anime…
    and that quality in the video sucks sry >o<
    I think it's just a dream I have there…
    but I hope it will happen since I am a teen XD

  • Noraxgami

    When exactly or most likely is this game going to be released?

    • GoldTANK99

      It’s rumoured to be released in the same year as the anime series (the game was released in 2022) but I suspect that it will be released around 2025-2035. But then again that’s my thoughts

  • ikusani

    I’m pretty sure most people other then all us nerds dont know what happened in the anime so they would start unplugging people and after the first idk 700 people die theyed go. “Oh hell lets not do that and warn people.” Then the company would start pating for people to be in hospitals and junk…………..Let it happen please let it happen!!!! Knowing my luck id be one of the 700 unplugged and killed.

    • SAO GM XD

      Man that way of dying sucks expesully if die by laphing coffin

      (whach ep 10)

  • TealSwordsman

    Honestly… If the Nerve Gear or something like it, but named differently is released, and it does power on dreams and such through electronic images that transfer to your brain to alter your dreams, that explains in the anime why Kirito was able to come back to live and stab Kayaba… because an emotion he had overrode the system. So basically if this happens, then we would be able to defy the game. At least, in theory.

  • jrbviwiz

    The thing I find kind of ironic about this is that the time that this anime takes place is truly the time I could see this taking place. In the show the game was released 2022 so I think it’s realistic, especially when you think about how far technology has come within the short time it’s been around. Seriously, in about 20 years since computers and that sort of thing started we have little devices in our pockets that can send and receive information from around the world. Just imagine where we will be and what we will have in 8 years when it will be 2022.

  • plasmalips

    This is just the sword art onlinepsp game ive played the damn thing on my psp how can u fool so many people like that for game they never knew about

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    Shut Up and take my Money

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    <3 Asuna ๐Ÿ™‚

    • SAO GM XD

      GOD shes hot

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    sucks… Wish they could of made it 3rd person view like in the anime… to where you could see what the charecter sees…

    • GoldTANK99

      You mean 1st person view (FPS) right?

  • rowdyboydog

    I don’t mean to burst anyones bubble but i think this just a april fools joke. The video is from a japanese game created for the playstation 2. it is called Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment. Look it up and you will see what im talking about

  • Kirito530

    well if u do get stuck in teh game how do u know that u wont be the ine that dies instantly

  • howy

    the helmet is called the nerve gear just so you know ๐Ÿ™‚ i like being direct

  • This isn’t even an Aeria Games production…. this is a Playstation Vita game named Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment !!! Stop to do some fake videos :'( !

  • Joseph Olmedo

    i cant belive it

  • jj

    when is it I cant read it

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    i would like to have a helmet and play like this but i would prefer to have a good friend to fight toghether

  • MellowFlower602

    Hey, is the game REALLY good?

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    • SAO GM XD

      You ask me if the made this i would buy during beta (MAN I WHANT TO PLAY THIS!!)

  • this guy

    anyone else think that it would be awesome to just have a game were die ingame means u die irl, unfortunately i would be diabel and die floor 1 after getting cocky!

  • awesomeness

    I agree that they are just goggles and it is a start until they develop a helmet then the game will fully be awsome

  • awesomeness

    if they could just project the image into the room then have the goggles on then that would be badass

  • Areshimself

    This better be for xbox-.-

  • SwordArtOnlineFanXoXo

    Everyone Knowns That’s Now How He Defeated Heathcliff

  • SwordArtOnlineFanXoXo

    Everyone Knows That’s Not How He defeated Heathcliff xoxo

  • anarchy1996

    we can only wait for the great kingaya to show up but i think that you should get the duel handed swords i feel like it should randomly be chosen in the game people really dont choose there class the select which one fits them best feeling like your running around in the show is cool but making it like the show were you control everything and every person has a ability, and talking about the helment the process of making a nero helment is very possible and to create the feeling of food in your mouth is the same way research has been study that we can access our taste buds pretty easily with activating the brian but to creat a different and new taste thats were the problem is. we could make this game one thing that is stopping us and you all laugh is our government they prevent us from using any nero product that is not completly controlled by them the only real problem is feeling as you all know sleepwalking happens in over 6 out of 10 people and we all move during sleep to control the brain to make us not want move or to controll pain in the game you feel the pain so that means his body would tens and heart rate would go up to controlling this is were we cant control our selves. its all fun to play games and to look and the screen but to be in the game and know that theres no delay what you feel is natural and you insticts kick in is what gaming is all about.. soon in the future we will have nerve gear is real not for gaming but controlling nerves is real the military using portable devices on transporters to battle so when they pick up the wounded by sticking a couple of needles in the can take away the pain and to control heart wait. all we can do is hope in the future we can get it in about 20-25 years it will come but get ready for the pretty penny it will cost (btw this is a wild guest) i would have to say about 20,000$ so start saving if you want no lie it will most likely cost that much.

  • Nerp47


  • Kaleb

    THe only bad part is that itll be a japanese game according ton what i see

  • RandomSAOfangirl

    I hope someday someone would invent the Nerve Gear and SAO and Alfheim Online

  • Otakuuuu

    Ya know in one of pewdiepie’s vids it features him playing with some sort of helmet similar to the one in SAO but they’re still working out some bugs and its only available in sweden… SO SAO FANS LETS ALL GO TO SWEDEN!!!!!

  • lxOLLYxl

    1. For this gear to even exist scientists must map all the neural
    network of human brain (which is almost impossible). 2. Then they must
    determine all the parts that send passive data (such as breathing,
    general work of organism etc.) for you not to die while in the VR. 3.
    Then we must learn to intercept just the needed amounts of neural data
    from entering the brain from spinal brain and THEN we must create a
    device that will interpret that data as a binary code (or any other code
    which computer will recognize). 4. AFTER that we must invent ANOTHER
    device that will INJECT specific data into our brain and intercept the
    outcome of that data 5. AND it must be done with a speed so fast that it
    will match the speed of neurons communicating which is on average
    (different types of impulses have different speeds) 100 meters per
    second = 6 km/minute = 360 km/hour. You understand what speed I am
    talking about I hope.

    Now I’ll explain the points: 1.
    Mapping the whole human brain and I mean just the neural connections in
    brain is massive amount of work. Yes we have general idea of how human
    brain works but we don’t have pinpoint data about every neural
    connection which is in this case CRUCIAL

    2. Passive data as I call
    it is neural impulses which tell your body to breathe, produce cells,
    muscular spasms etc. if we intercept these we are effectively shutting
    down the whole body while brain is frolicking in the VR for I think
    couple of minutes before we suffocate.

    3. Intercepting the needed
    neural impulses means that we are cutting off the connection between
    certain parts of body to the brain thus inducing paralisis. For 5-10
    hours that is mostly normal, but extended exposure to such activity can
    weaken the body severely thus damaging it.

    4. You understand the
    risks of injecting data into the brain right? The thing is you must
    convince brain that what is happening right now is reality. Brain must
    see, feel, smell etc. everything you tell him to. Pain can have severe
    effects on body, also can fear and other negative emotions and feelings.
    Body constantly releases variety of chemicals to countereffect these
    feelings and emotions, which when they are not needed can be damaging.
    Not fatal but damaging.

    5. in miles this is 223 mi/hour. This is a
    LOT. Imagine a speeding car on interstate and then double it. That’s
    how fast it is and that is an average speed some neurons are a LOT
    faster while others are slower.

    In conclusion: I love
    anime and I have a huge list of animes that I have watched in my entire
    life. I love SAO and would love to have a device like NerveGear, BUT I
    am also a realist. While Sony Corporation is a solid company which
    constantly evolves and has a lot of potential it is NOT a SCIENCE LAB.
    They cannot invent something so intricate which needs months upon years
    of working in biological and neorological studies. It is not JUST a
    device. Devices are from science not magic. Thus for the Sony to make
    such a device they need solid data and existing technology which they
    will then implement into this device.

    All I wanted to say
    that dreaming is a good thing but stop making ridiculous request from
    company that has neither the ability nor the potential to do such a

    This information is credited to killera on he/she has a very good point but would love if it was possible

  • lxOLLYxl

    btw heres a good preview what they are trying you can barely here the developer speak so turn up the volume

  • yolo

    yea man wish they make game like that i dont wanna come back irl anyway is full of sht this is a creul world man

  • Daisy

    If they made this, I’d definitely buy it! I’d even risk getting stuck in the game.~ (^u^)/

  • stay golden

    is this only for the oculus rift set up or is it for pc

  • Icaruschan

    So we only get to play as Kirito?
    No one else….

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    They only bad thing about a device like the nerve gear is after you find out you can’t log out, how do they survive on virtual food in the game….

  • Kirito-kun

    xD My family wont care if im stuck in a video game they will come in my room and be like oh you are busy well I come back later

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    oh wait a bit Aeria wants to make a game like this?I’m starting to get scared.

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    yea i rely agree i would love this game

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    XD actually, i did the math, in the time the game takes place i would be slightly older than kirito

  • Kerry LeBlanc

    We assume airhead aka aeria is publishing this game but so far they have been mum on it, which is not like them

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    When is this coming out?! I need to know

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    i cant belive the morons are using oculas rift! that completely ruins the hole game feel not to mention the headach seriously eather use pc controls or make a actual decent object

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    what is this

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    This would be an AMAZING game to actually have. And it’s not far from existence. See you in 8 years…

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    this video seems a lot like the ps vita game and if u look at 1:13 it has same button layout as the game would really like to see an SAO mmo out but seems this may be another fake

  • Kamarhi

    Its funny how the teaser trailer is a compilation of youtube videos and infinity moment gameplay.

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    We humans have no idea how the human brain works,the Nerve Gear will not be In our time line,let your grand children’s,children play it:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) (c:

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    Full of story new MMORPG with a unique story and parts story of Sword Art Online . Come join us and our Tester membership ! Art Online , only at

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    omg soo good truly capturing the game cant wait for itz release

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    They should make it first person and third person as an option and also let you do campaign (Kirito Mode?) and an online mode of you playing as yourself (Make your own character).

  • soulchess

    in the game sao comes out in 2022 so by the times its 2022 irl i’ll be 21! of this is absolutely FANTASTIC!

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    krrito is the best

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    what if they made some sort of gear thing that puts you to sleep and gets you to dream a mmo rpg with everyone else on a server

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    I love sword art online it would be sooo cool if it were real xx:)

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    i would love the game to be just like the anime and the same gear to i would love it

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    just imagine it though if we got stuck in the game some of us could finial live the life we truly want

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    Could you change the language from Japanese to English

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    Holy crap what if they made the nervgear?!?!?! God I’d be scared to put it on. But hey, it’d not only be scary, but exciting at the same time. Maybe after two years that the game has been out they’ll make Alfhiem? idk but cool ๐Ÿ™‚ 10/10

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    can you put this game in English or is this just a prank :/

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  • Dark Edges9o8

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