Amplitude’s Annual ‘Endless Day’ Has Arrived

The Endless Day is a tradition going back to the beginning of Amplitude Studios itself. Each mid-January they celebrate the founding of the studio, and each year they get a little better. This year they’re hoping to outdo previous years: The Amplitude collection-wide free weekend, two new major expansions, and a ton of unlockable community content. If that weren’t enough, Endless Space 1 is free for life for anyone on Steam who connects to their co-creation platform, Games2Gether.

Free Weekend Community Challenge: Explore Games, Unlock Content:

Put those wallets away. From January 24th – 28th, all Amplitude games are free to play. Already a fan? You own all the games? Well first things first, hi, let’s be friends. Secondly, now is the time to convince those other friends that the Endless Universe is worth a test drive.

We made a fancy free-weekend website. We think you should check it out. In it, we ask you to take on the role of an Endless Space 2 recon ship. We’re tracking how many systems our collective Endless Space 2 players explore during the full 72 hours of the free weekend.

For each “number of systems explored” milestone, new rewards are unlocked. The unlocked rewards will available to everyone for free in a future patch. More info can be found here on their free weekend website.

Two Major New Expansions Arrive:

The long awaited, community-designed espionage faction is making its publicly playable debut, alongside supercool features like hacking and invisibility modules for your ship. For those you wanna-be (or real!) spies and hackers, now is your time to shine! Well, provided you’re ready to shine cloaked, in the shadows.

Endless Space 2 – Penumbra is available for $12.99 / €12.99 / £10.99 + 10% off HERE

Our Argentinian partners NGD Studios are back at it again in this ultra-slick collaboration that brings new forms of life to the fading planet of Auriga. Symbiosis introduces the Mykara, a spore-like and infectiously fun-to-play, aggressive faction. It also introduces gigantic beasts known as the Urkans, free for any faction to fight or tame and use to their benefit.

Endless Legend Symbiosis is available for $12.99 / €12.99 / £10.99 + 10% off HERE.

Endless Space 1 is Free for Life:

All you need to do is join Games2Gether at this website.

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