Ancestors Legacy Lowers Price and Gives Free Single-Player Campaign

The community spoke, and the developers behind Ancestors Legacy listened! There is now a free singleplayer campaign for those who have purchased Ancestors Legacy – featuring Boleslav Chrobry – the first king of Poland.  If that weren’t enough, it’s also available in Japanese and Portuguese. The price was also lowered to 29.99 EUR to allow more people to get into the game and see what they’ve been missing out on. The campaign was a way of saying thank-you to the community for all of the support, feedback and work over the beta testing period.

In the latest expansion, gamers will learn more about the story of Boleslav Chrobry, the first king of Poland, and his son Mieszko II. They will learn how, thanks to his diplomatic and strategic skills, as well as his strong character, Boleslav Chrobry was able to win wars, defeating the army of the Holy Roman Empire, and how he dethroned Yaroslav the Wise occupied Kiev, together with all its riches. The five missions available in the DLC will cover the five-year historic period between 1013 and 1018.

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