Ancestors Legacy Releases Free Teutonic Order Update

It’s only been two months since the last campaign for Ancestors Legacy’s last campaign, and now there’s a new one straight out of the 13th century. Best of all, it’s free! Teutonic Legacy contains five new missions, over 1700 lines of dialog, and new challenging achievements to complete. For people who do not own the game but are curious about being a heroic Slav or brave Viking, a Steam Free Weekend is coming, November 30th until December 2nd. Three single-player campaigns and all of the multiplayer maps will be available.

The Teutonic Order campaign is free to download now for owners of Ancestors Legacy and takes place during the Second Prussian Uprising when the Prussian natives decided to push back the German occupation. The developers wanted to give players a story from two perspectives – through an eminent Knight Brother, Konrad von Thierberg and his opponent from the Prussian tribe, the leader of the rebels – Herkus Monte.

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