ARK: Survival Evolved Celebrates Easter with ‘Eggcellent Adventure’ Event

ARK: Survival Evolved’s “Eggcellent Adventure” Event is back, and with it comes giant bunnies. This event will last for two weeks, and Easter Eggs will be scatted across all the official ARK maps. Festive items from previous years are also back, alongside two new skins: The Marshmallow Dodo Hat, and the Chocolate Bunny Club.

Players will collect special Bunny Eggs from Bunny Dodos, and these can be painted, or used in a special Cooking Pot to craft holiday-themed cosmetics – Bunny Ears Skin, Procoptodon Bunny Costume, Egg Shell Hat, and Chick Hat (in addition to the two new items). Bunny Oviraptors also lurk, which drop Easter dino candy to give your tame dinos random colors when eaten.

Artistic survivors can participate in the community egg-painting contest! After hunting down a Bunny Dodo grab an egg, take out your paintbrush and dyes then use it as your canvas to show off your most eggcellent work! Three $100 cash prizes will be awarded and more details can be found HERE.

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