ASTA Initial Beta Trailer

ASTA: The War of Tears and Winds is a fantasy MMORPG published now by Webzen, and set to begin closed beta soon.

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  • ASTA – Raksas Character Creation Teaser

    ASTA teases the new race, Raksas, coming with its first major expansion, Myth 1: Wrath of the Berserkers. The update is set to land May 31st.

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    ASTA Online - The War of Tears and Winds G-star Trailer.

  • Matthew Turner

    ive loged in every day since i downloaded it but today it wont let me log in 🙁

  • David

    Honest opinion here and sorry if I offend ppl who like this game
    for me it is One of the worst mmorpg I have ever played ( and I played a
    lot ,Cabal 2 ,Tera ,Aion ,GW2 , FF14 ,Blade and Soul etc …) … this game makes me feel so sad really … everything sucks I
    can’t believe it is on cryengine 3 !!! the graphics are terrible , the
    music is pathetic , the sounds effects are bad , The character design is
    ridiculous , poor animation , very generic quests , the mobs are all
    bunched up like they were randomly put there XD its one the most boring
    games ! The gameplay is super annoying and lame ! It feels like a very
    old or bad browser style rpg … not worth playing really . A beautiful
    game like Archlord 2 failed how they think this game would be good
    really ???? its inferior on every levels … there r so many more new
    mmorpg better then this sad very sad … what is WebZen thinking really I don’t understand …

    • Ricardo Cunha

      So David after these all critic about Asta what mmorpg games you recommend?

      • David

        Well its always a question of personal taste but on the specifications and innovations :

        Blade and Soul being the best
        after that Tera , Guild Wars 2 , Final fantasy 14

        even Aion and Lineage 2

        all superior on every levels better gameplay and better UI and music and overall animation , better crafting systems , better pets more beautiful mounts !
        we are in 2016 so soon I expect new mmorpg to raise the bar not be way below the bar XD

        ( And upcoming games like Bless , Black Desert and Peria Chronicles )

        New mmorpg developers and companies coming out need learn from those titles ! not do a poor rehash of old games like WoW or Runescape… even WoW is better then Asta XD imho

  • Tóth-Zágon Móni Sári Joci

    this is not a wow clone never ! 😀