BATALJ Brings Squad vs. Squad Combat to PC Today

Fall Damage Studio brought to life their Action Strategy title BATALJ today on PC. Players will need both quick decision making and cunning tactics to defeat other players squads, as they do battle in simultaneous-turn-based action. This offers little in the way of downtime, as players pick from 9 heroes and 54 units to form up their squads.

Squads can be formed from three factions – The nomadic Rusters, , the machine-integrated Re-Linked, or the genetically enhanced Splicers. Each has their own offensive and defensive capabilities in combat. It is now available on Steam for at a discount (19.99, normally 24.99).

At Fall Damage Studio we set out to make BATALJ a truly unique addition to the turn based genre, providing almost limitless options to face opponents with fast tactical gameplay” Said Anders Gyllenberg, CEO at Fall Damage Studio.

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