Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 – A Release Into the Grim Darkness

Focus Home Interactive and Tindalos Interactive are bringing Games Workshop to life as today is the launch of Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2. The grimdark story takes things into space with epic battles and 12 factions clashing for dominance in both skirmish and ranked multiplayer battles. It also features three full grand campaigns, boasting hundreds of hours of single-player/co-op content. The 41st millennium is here and will have players considering the speed of their ships, engagement angles, torpedoes, and strike craft while also employing fantastic and daemonic special abilities in this grimdark setting. Over 80 sub-factions and dozens of fleet upgrades also await.

Also announced today are the plans for post-launch content for Armada 2. This will include the full release of co-op mode in March, alongside the quality of life updates and new ships in the short term. Further down the line, we plan to add an epic skirmish and unranked multiplayer mode that allows for massive-scale battles with no fleet point limit, using some of the largest ships to ever grace or terrorize the galaxy. Thanks to the incredible support for the game already received from the community, Focus Home Interactive and Tindalos have also begun development on a fourth grand campaign. More on that soon.

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