Bomber Crew’s Second DLC, ‘USAAF’ Coming Soon

Runner Duck Games and Curve Digital are bringing more DLC to Bomber Crew on March 12th, 2019 for the Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. This DLC, “USAAF” follows the launch on PC last October and next week, console players will be able to acquire it. This DLC will be able to be purchased in a bundle featuring the original Bomber Crew and the new DLC at a discounted price. Bomber Crew: American Edition includes the base game and the USAAF DLC for 19.99, with a 20% discount for two weeks. The standalone DLC is 6.99.

Joining the fray in the USAAF DLC is an iconic American Bomber which holds more Crew than ever, and a brand new campaign set in a never before seen Theatre of War! Players will have to dig in for victory while fighting it out with all new enemy fighters and Aces while ensuring they check on the enemy below.

“We’re thrilled to bring the USAAF DLC to consoles for the very first time,” said George Morgan, Product Manager at Curve Digital. “Following its hugely successful launch last year, Bomber Crew has continued to pick up new players and we can’t wait for them to tuck into this meaty DLC.”

“We’re delighted that fans of Bomber Crew who play on consoles can finally live out their Memphis Belle fantasies!” said Dave Miller, co-owner of Runner Duck. “We’re excited to see players test their mettle against all new foes, and see if anyone can bring the whole crew home once more!”

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