Camelot Unchained Complete Overview

Mark Jacobs summarizes all major info on Camelot Unchained in this comprehensive video.

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  • Trublu

    I do no mind the type of PvP your describing RvRvR, but I am tired of paying a subscription fee and yes I have played this type of game WoW, FFXI, EQII, and Lineage II, I know the payment model has not been discussed here, I am excited about this game from what is being described, but if it is subscription based I know I will not play it and I think this will discourage alot of players, I would rather it B2P like GW2 and I think the game will discourage undesirable players, I actually enjoyed the RvR in Warhammer but was discouraged by the fact in free mode I could only go to level 20 if I remember correctly and I was not going to pay a subscription.