Citadel: Forged with Fire – Structure Upgrading & Material Swapping Trailer

Citadel: Forged with Fire launches a new update, improving the game’s construction system! The update includes:

  • Material Swapping: Swap any structure piece to a different material with the click of a button, no more tearing down and starting from scratch. Navigate the material you want in the Build Menu, scroll to the recycle icon, and click on the piece you want to change.
  • Tower Upgrading: Each turret tower has been given two more levels of power that increases their strength and alters their behavior.
  • High Powered Attack Towers: Power is significantly improved on offensive towers to provide greater covering fire  – fully upgrade your tower and see what kind of devastating damage you are capable of!
  • Defensive Towers: Beware friend and foe! Allies will benefit from upgraded defensive turret towers as they provide healing to any friendly players within their radius. Enemies will apply nasty damage over time to any raiders who may set foot on your claimed land!
  • Bux Fixes: More bugs fixed and gameplay tweaks!

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