City of Titans Kickstarter Announcement Trailer

Missing Worlds Media has begun their Kickstarter to fund software acquisition and legal footwork for their upcoming revival of City of Heroes, City of Titans!

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  • Jonathan

    I’ve been waiting for this game for only a few months, But I’m eally pumped! Cmon already! First jsut release it with the Heroes part like COH did, then continue working on the villans, because you have quite a bit of anxious players who wish to play(but are broke lol)!

  • Dr. Orodomous

    I am 47 years old and I use to pick at my nephews for “wasting time” playing video games. But when they introduced me to CoH I was a gonner. I played all the time and when they went off line I stopped playing video games all together. I can hardly wait for this game to come out. I intend to buy the best desk top I can afford just to play “My Game ” again. Like a long lost love. : )