Coffence is a Caffeine-Infused Brawler, Spilling onto PAX West

Sweet Bandit Studios are proud to announce their new caffeine-themed brawler, Coffence at PAX West 2018. It’s a blend of fighting games and twin-stick shooting where coffee is your life-force. It’s literally our health bar, and every blow you are blasted with will have some of that delicious brew leave you. From baristas to businessmen, you must fight till the last drop. Coffence also has a variety of attacks, with their own pros and cons, and reading what your opponent can do is the key to success. Precision-based ranged attacks offer lots of tactical variety, and if you consume enough coffee to unleash your COFFEE BREAK, your foes will scramble away. Interested parties can find Coffence on the 6th floor at booth #7218 at PAX West 2018.


  • Master a unique way to play where your character and cup-holding arm are controlled independently.
  • Coffee is the new health. Every hit ejects coffee in the air for any player to claim!
  • Face your friends in exotic locations ranging from office buildings to outer space.
  • Battle with up to four players.
  • Choose from a wide arsenal of cups from the lightning fast espresso cup to the massive coffee pot, each offering their own strengths and weaknesses.

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