Conan Unconquered’s Devs Show Why Co-Op Mode Will Hook Players

The Conan Unconquered team were faced with a mighty challenge: making the game work just as well in co-op as in single-player. In co-op mode, each player has their own hero and army, but they share the resources and most of the buildings.  It will also have a mechanism called Challenge Mode, where players create and share a link with the same map, settings, and unlockable feats in the game you just had. This will let players challenge their friends to outdo them in a way that could not be done with randomized battles.

The new feature should be particularly welcome news for streamers, who can challenge their own fan base to beat their score on the exact same map as they played on stream.

“Where the challenge comes in, is in trying to coordinate the fight with more challenging mobs,” says Senior Game Designer Patrick Pannullo, adding that it is not simply going to be about double the number of enemies. Instead, the increased difficulty will mainly be about what kind of mobs you face and where the attacks will come from.

“We’re trying to make it as cooperative an experience as possible,” explains Executive Producer Ted Morris who, in addition to working on Command & Conquer, can boast of having been the Development Director on the critically acclaimed RTS Star Wars: Empire at War.

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