Crying Suns Reveals September Release Date

Crying Suns is an upcoming tactical roguelite from developer Alt Shift and publisher Humble Bundle, that’s coming to life on September 19th, 2019. Players will control a space fleet commander, exploring a mysteriously fallen empire. You will control a clone of Admiral Ellys Idaho, the greatest Imperial Admiral to ever head to the stars. awoken by Kaliban, the last functional OMNI to exist, a strange, dark comedy awaits. Inspired by some truly great sci-fi classics like Dune and Foundation, a deep story will come to the roguelite genre. Crying Suns will come to PC and Mac, with the iPad edition arriving at a later date.

Major Features:

  • Tactical, real-time battles between fleets. Pause time to plan out your attacks strategically.
  • More than 300 possible story events to keep each run unique.
  • A deep and dramatic storyline structured into 6 chapters.
  • A beautiful mix of pixel art and 3D graphics.

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