Daemonical Raises the Stakes in August

Daemonical is an asymmetrical horror title from Croatian team Fearem, and will be heading to Early Access on August 15th, 2018. Daemonical will take place on a remote island with up to five players. The match starts at 4pm, which is followed up by one of the players, selected at random, undergoing a demonic transformation. Nobody will know who the demon is, not even the player who becomes one until the actual transformation occurs. It’s sure to shake up how asymmetrical horror games are played, creating tension and nervousness. The players objective is to find certain bones on ‘hot points’ on the map and place them on an altar. There will be weapons and tools with which they can defend themselves from the demonic attacks. Alternatively, they can opt to simply run and hide until morning, and the demon will be defeated at the dawn. Each strategy has pros and cons, which players will find out as they actively tackle the survival game.

The demon’s sole focus is to find the survivors/ humans and kill them, that is its primary goal. Humans will utilize a ritual cut on their left hand, that will aid the player directionally to find the missing ritual parts. Once found, the ritual bone will need to be picked up carefully, with each mistake gravely punished with a loud noise that attracts the demon. It needs to be brought back to the altar when the process repeats itself. Daemonical will be available for 14.99 on Steam and more information can be found on their Steam page.


  • Huge open landscape
  • Dense and realistic randomly generated vegetation
  • Lots of procedurally generated houses and interest points on the map
  • Procedurally generated collectible and ritual part locations
  • Each match the map is different
  • Realistic time of day, with real-time weather
  • Amazing atmospheric environment sounds
  • Beautiful settings, atmosphere, landscape & environment
  • Freedom of choice – make your own horror
  • Proximity voice chat ā€“ can be used for role-playing
  • Realistic characters, character customization
  • Party system
  • Unity 3D engine

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