Day and Night Launches on Nintendo Switch in October

Day and Night is a falling block puzzle game from Ridiculous Games that’s coming to the Switch on October 22nd, 2019 and is heralded as a tribute to Tetris. It is available to pre-purchase today for 25% off and will launch for 19.99 USD. Day and Night promises to be easy to learn and hard to master, as with all classic 2D Falling-Block games. There are multiple tactics and ways to play the game.

Players will need to think ahead and stack inactive blocks in groups to prepare for a time change, that will turn the rules upside down. As they collect blocks and clear the screen, a time meter builds. When the meter is full, the time of day switches for both players. Blocks that were inactive a moment ago are now active, and if you plan ahead, this can create incredible chain combos.

Jeremy Airey, CEO of Ridiculous Games explains the premise:

“Players share a split screen and must stack and combine matching blocks in groups of four or more to remove them. So far, so normal, but in Day and Night the two sides of the screen are presented as either time state, with day and night blocks spawning for both players. As players can only collect blocks that match their time state, the core game becomes a dual challenge, with players focusing on collecting their active time-matching blocks while managing an ever-growing number of inactive blocks.”

Day and Night Game Modes

  • Rehearsal: Battle against an AI CPU opponent in a practice game to learn the basics.
  • Versus Mode: In this core Day and Night mode, two sides battle for victory in a single-player or two-player experience.
  • Survival Mode: A single player game mode which tests the player’s endurance as they struggle to survive their way through the calendar years.
  • Story Mode: Progress through a charming set of stories battling a varied cast of characters along the way.
  • Dares: Play through several sets of challenges, each with their own unique rules and twisted scenarios.

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