Day and Night Now Available on Nintendo Switch

Day and Night from Ridiculous Games, is now available on the Switch exclusively, for 19.99, and it is a loving tribute to TetrisDay and Night is a 2D falling block puzzle game that requires split-second decision making amidst chaotic times. It uses a day and night mechanic, so that players will have their concentration and reaction times put to the test.

To defeat an opponent, players not only think about their current time of day/night but strategically stack inactive blocks in preparation for a time change that turns the rules upside down. Collecting blocks clears the screen and builds the time meter. Filling the meter switches the time of day for both players and activates blocks that were inactive just a moment ago. Being able to think ahead to build up massive combos will be key to success.

Jeremy Airey, CEO, Ridiculous Games had this to say:

“Day becoming night and vice versa is how our game differentiates itself from the other greats in this genre. The two sides of the screen are presented as either time state, with day and night blocks spawning for both players. The core game becomes a dual challenge because players can only collect blocks that match their time state while managing an ever-growing number of inactive blocks while racing against the clock,”

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