Daymare: 1998 Releases on PC Today

Daymare: 1998 launches on PC today, and brings survival horror back, and takes us back to the ’90s, and players will fight their way through a place where evil lurks behind every corner. We also meet the third playable character today, with Raven. He’s strong on the outside, but uncertain on the inside, and his past torments him every day. No longer only played by inner demons, the demons of the world now threaten him, and he will do his best to do away this global threat.

MIchele Giannone, Creative Director of Invader Studios discussed Daymare.

“This is a very emotional moment for us, and we are more than happy to pass Daymare: 1998 into the hands of the gamers. Four long years have led us to this moment, and the process we endured was very difficult, but we enjoyed every moment of it. This game was born from our passion, it was fueled by our stubbornness, and it’s our tribute to the beloved survival horror genre and the atmosphere of the ’90s in general. We are very proud to have managed to develop a game like this with such a small team, yet we’re aware that our work is not over, and we’ll keep supporting it in the months to come. We hope you will enjoy the game and the story it tells.”

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