DayZ 1.08 Update Teaser

The new 1.08 Update is live for DayZ on all platforms. It includes some important fixes and exciting new elements for DayZ.

We have added the new hunting rifle – Sporter 22 – with various magazines and the ability to fit a hunting scope to the weapon. This rifle uses .22 ammunition, which was added to the game via the 1.05 Update last year.

This new update also features important fixes, from meaningful gameplay tweaks to Base Building, behavior of Sway, and a refactor of Hold Breath mechanics, as well as fixes related to all the different types of fireplaces, along with improvements to the UX.

Additionally, there is a new Canopy Tent, indoor fireplace (Oven) and the addition of Direct Cooking Slots (fireplace grill for meat) that players can utilize.

And finally, Saint Roman Ski Resort (the last incomplete area of Chernarus Plus terrain) will be finished with this update; a Biathlon Shooting Range and a Race Track will also be added to this map.

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