DayZ Announces Livonia DLC Map

DayZ announced its first major DLC, with the second official map, Livonia. This will be available to purchase soon, and was showcased in today’s video. It’s based on a recently released map from the Arma 3 “Contact” spin-off. The Livonia region will offer a new experience for the post-apocalyptic DayZ, with vast green landscapes, dense forests, and beautiful lakes and rivers. All told, it’s a 164 km2 map and is the perfect backdrop to be lost in the wild with.

This area will also have frequent rainfall and thunderstorms, so environmental challenges will be a serious issue. Protective gear and shelter will be more important than ever. But new wildlife will also be a threat, in the form of mighty bears. Arriving in tandem with the 1.06 update, the new map will be premium DLC and bring hundreds of new assets for the community to make use of: assets which will be available to everyone for free without the purchase of the Livonia map.

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