Dead or Alive 6 Adds Muscle with an Electrified Ring

Three new characters were announced today for Dead or Alive 6, by Koei Tecmo. Bass, Tina, and Mila are ready to step between the ropes of the world of professional wrestling, and those ropes are electric. Bass is known as “The King of the Ring” and is a seasoned, well-known professional wrestler with a host of throwing techniques. He’s also the doting father of “The Superstar of a Thousand Dreams”, Tina. She has a similar moveset to her father, but has a violent new slam attack added to her kit, but she’s not the only new female fighter. Joining her is “The Hot-Blooded Champ”, Mila is also coming to Dead or Alive 6. Her ground-and-pound game has earned her many titles, and is hoping to ultimately take down her rival, Bass.

All three characters are instrumental to DEAD OR ALIVE 6’s new wrestling stage “THE MUSCLE.” As an introduction to their new fighting ring, the father-daughter duo of Bass and Tina gather reporters inside an arena to unveil their new professional wrestling organization, also known as The Muscle. Inside the arena stage, not only will the action be fast and fierce, but the ring ropes surge with electrical current while the steel pillars surrounding the squared-circle bellow fire at warry brawlers.

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