Deck of Ashes Explores Their Combat System in Their Latest Trailer

Deck of Ashes is a card-game RPG that’s coming to Steam on April 11th, 2019, and brings with it an exciting new way to play card games. Players will need to use these cards to destroy the Ash Curse that has plagued their land. Deck of Ashes uses a turn-based system, that definitely requires deep tactical planning. Battles are divided into rounds, where characters take turns based on their speed, and that number might change throughout a battle. A turn is limited by how much Mana is spent on a particular card in their Battle Deck. Some cards cost Health Points instead of Mana Points.

A player might encounter 1-3 opponents in a battle initially, but some of these foes can also summon reinforcements. Additionally, some monsters are able to strengthen themselves and their summoned allies and deal instant or periodic damage to weaken a Hero in battle. The negative effects that opponents can cast on a Hero vary between enemy classes. Opponents will also reveal the cards they’ll play next turn, which gives the player an opportunity to plan what they’re going to do next.

Though Heroes may occasionally find themselves battling seemingly impossible-to-conquer foes, it must be noted that there are cards that can greatly benefit a player. These cards are:
Strike Cards: A card that deals instant moderate damage to an opponent

Periodic Damage Cards: A card that deals a small amount of damage each turn and wears the opponent down over time

Boon Cards: A card that strengthens a character’s toughness

Healing Cards: A card that restores a character’s health

Hex Cards: A card that casts an effect on an opponent to weaken them over time

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