Deck of Ashes Is Now Available on Steam

A quest for redemption is drawing near, as Deck of Ashes has now arrived on Steam and is available to play. This Rogue-lite RPG tries something new and different with adding deck-building elements. Players scour the land for the components necessary to build the most powerful Battle Deck they can and ultimately dispel the Ash Curse once and for all. But you won’t be alone and have a band of loyal allies to help you earn redemption. Tactics and strategy are key to building the right deck and surviving this story, and it offers an immersive experience for fans of adventure and strategy titles. Even if you just want to destroy evil with a deck of cards, Deck of Ashes has what you need.

Deck of Ashes Early Access Features:

  • A tutorial explaining the basics of the game and how to begin building your Battle Deck

  • 50+ different monsters that make for hundreds of unique battle encounters

  • One playable character with several different playstyles to experiment with

  • 100+ unique cards for you to mix & match to forge a devastating deck

  • Dozens of Camp upgrades to fit your strategy…whatever it may be!

  • Four Story Chapters, each featuring a unique, procedurally generated world

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