Deck of Ashes Reveals Enemy Classes for Upcoming Deckbuilder

AYGames shows off what players will have to contend with in the upcoming Early Access of their deckbuilder, Deck of Ashes. This hostile environment has a variety of creatures to battle, with various shapes and sizes. From Demons, the undead, and even mindless beasts, these are just some of the enemy classes that will have to be overcome.

Each enemy type has distinct strengths and weaknesses and is specifically designed to counter different strategies — meaning a Battle Deck that was successful in defeating one foe may not work against another. Each enemy type has a respective homeland, for example, beasts may be found in forests, the undead in cemeteries, and so forth. Players can specialize in dealing with particular creatures, or be a jack-of-all-trades, but this may lead to times when a battle is too great to overcome. In that case, they should leave, and come back when they are better equipped to handle the present danger.

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