Defy The Odds and Stop a Devastating War in JRPG Noahmund

Noahmund is a gorgeous JRPG coming to Steam soon from Span’s Estudio Abrego, and will soon be heading west. Inspired by Japanese classics Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy Tactics, Noahmund features node-based exploration, an atmospheric soundtrack and a chess-like challenge that blends real-time action with a tactical grid. In Noahmund, the land of Feros is at war, and Galina Angstroud is the only one willing to seek out Salaber’s most powerful weapon, which was deployed with deadly results. Feros burns and Galina begins a journey for truth and salvation, accompanied by a loyal guardian, Berani Valenti. The war between the North and South needs to end.

Borrowing from classic strategy RPGs, Noahmund’s exploration and battle systems feature highly detailed 3D characters and hand-drawn environments. A tactical grid system makes it straightforward for players to mount frontal attacks, execute flanking maneuvers, strike from a distance, and even set up traps! However, decisions must be made quickly: Combat takes place in real time, so one wrong move can easily turn the tide of battle.

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