Deiland Launch August Release Date Announced

Starting on August 9th, 2018, players can join prince Arco on his grand adventure, as Deiland goes live on Steam! Deiland is a singleplayer survival strategy game with a variety of RPG elements. It tells a story about small planets and their tiny caretakers that look after them. It will be up to Prince Arco who lands on the smallest planet, Deiland to care for it. From constructing buildings, gathering resources, establishing relationships with other planets, to defending Deiland from pirates, it will be available to experience in August 2018. It can be found at this Steam link.

Features of Deiland:

  • A captivating story with 12 unique characters and over 100 diverse quests.
  • RPG elements. Raise Arco’s skills to tend Deiland even better!
  • The possibility to shape Deiland to your liking. Starting on a pristine planet, it will be in your power to craft tools, harvest crops, fish, hunt, gather ore, build workshops, labs, and many more various structures.
  • A multitude of crafting recipes that need to be obtained from the stellar merchants.
  • Adventures. Protect Deiland from alien raiders!
  • Interplanetary travels and intriguing acquaintances.

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