Dig or Die Releases into Steam Early Access Today

Dig or Die is a one of a kind sandbox that blends strategy elements, wrapped up in a living, breathing habitat which is constantly changing under weather conditions. It also features survival and defensive gameplay mechanics to offer an experience where their crafting/building skills are key to overcoming the world natural obstacles and preserve themselves against the attacks from native creatures. In creative mode, players have tools like create water, lava, monsters, grow plants instantly, and absorb liquids.

With a very distinct art style and a robust building system, Dig or Die stands out as a very unique sandbox game. As an employee of CRAFT & Co., a space exploration agency, your latest contract has gone awry and you find yourself stranded on a distant planet. Your objective is to establish a base and accumulate resources in order to build a spaceship and find your way back home. But when darkness falls, the monsters attack, and now you have to make sure those defenses are worthy of withstanding an assault. In addition to the current game’s version features, the full release will include 3 brand new game modes (Under the Sea, Sky World, Base Defense) and 16 random environmental events such as earthquakes, rain flood or meteor showers, happening once a day and directly impacting gameplay. Gaddy Games also expanded the soundtrack selection with 9 new tracks. Dig or Die is on Steam for 11.99 in the US and 9.29 in the UK, and is in Early Access right now.

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